It’s Black Breastfeeding Week and I LOVE Chocolate Milk (that’s what I’ve nicknamed Black Mama’s Liquid Gold). As a four time breastfeeding mama I know that what I wear and the support I get plays a big part in my and probably your breastfeeding journey. With that being said I’ve created this roundup to share with you my faves and finds for Chocolate Gear and Chocolate Support for Breastfeeding Chocolate Milk Makers! Let’s Dig In…

Chic and Discreet

Chic and Discreet is the brain child of a Chocolate Mom from the UK who has created these really cute and versatile nursing tops and dresses. She actually design and sews herself!!! I personally bought a dress (of course it was pink) from her two years ago and LOVE it! These are just a few items from the Chic and Discreet line.

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Ashe and Irys

I recently came across this Chocolate MaMa’s boutique full of cute, fun and even a little flirty options for us breastfeeding Mommis. Check out a few items from the store below. I know I will be purchasing that jumpsuit soon and very soon.

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Le Regard

Ruth Yeboah is the brain child behind Le Regard. Although they only have two dresses available on their website currently, they are really cute dresses and we can’t wait to see how this brand expands. Get a look at the dresses below.

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Mom 2 Be

I came across Mom 2 Be on Official Black Wall Street so it got me all in my feels. The boutique was created by a black obstetrician/gynecologist and her husband. They carry before-and-after maternity wear, nursing wear, maternity and postpartum support items and they also sells breast pumps and accessories. WIN! Check out this cute nursing bra I found on the site.

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So I have to admit it was hard like HARD HARD to find Black owned boutiques and designers of nursing wear. I hope that as we continue to increase awareness and love of Black Breastfeeding that this market will grow and it won’t be so hard to find stores, store owners and designers that look like us and showcase us in their product lines.

Chocolate Support

I couldn’t just show you some chocolate gear for Black Breastfeeding Week I also had to give you a starting point for finding Black Lactation Consultants, Doulas, Midwives and Support Groups to assist and support you on your journey to creating and supplying Chocolate Milk to your babies.

I hope this helps you stay cute and supported on your breastfeeding journey. I’ve got to get back to nursing this demanding toddler, but if you know of another boutique, fashion designer, support group, doula, midwife, or lactation consultant who is Melanin enriched then let me know in the comments so we can support them too.



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