Toys are an enormous source of joy to kids everywhere, and as caring parents, we want the best for our little ones. With all the toys available both in-store and online, it can be difficult to choose the best toys for your child at different ages. Don’t worry, though. As an avid researcher and mother of two, I have done the research for you. Here are the best toys for kids 0 to 10 years old.

Toys for Infants 0 to 6 months

For infants ages 0 to 6 months, it’s important to choose toys that (1) stimulate baby’s senses and (2) are designed for safety.


In case you’ve never heard of Lamaze toys, they are soft plushie toys that often feature bright hues, varied textures, and stimulating sounds for your baby to enjoy. Babies love to chew on the textured parts of the toy, listen to the clicking of plastic rings, and explore their sense of touch by squeezing and releasing the soft plush material of the toy. There’s so much to explore!


While noise can be a colossal annoyance to us parents, our kiddies absolutely love noises. So, you may want to include rattles as part of your infant’s toy collection.


Your baby’s face is equally as amazing to your baby as it is to you! Therefore, mirrors are a huge hit with babies. Place a baby-safe mirror, like the one pictured below, on the floor while your baby is having tummy-time.


According to WebMD, many babies start teething between 4 to 7 months old. Chewing on teethers helps them to manage the pain and discomfort of those erupting teeth. You could go for a standard teether (no judgment here), or you could pick up a toy that doubles as a teether. The latter option is ideal, because distracting your child from the pain can help with teething just as much as chewing on the teether does.

You are going to be the designated playtime facilitator for your newborn, as these little ones can’t get around much. However, as babies get closer to 6 months old, they become much more involved in playtime.

Toys for Babies 6 Months to 12 Months

Ideal toys for babies in this age group are engaging enough for their maturing minds. If a toy encourages babies to use their coordination and motor skills as well, that’s great.


What better way is there to get baby moving than with a walker? You can pass on the standard walker, though. Many walkers have add-on features, from songs to learning activities, that your baby will love.

Musical Toys

It’s no secret that babies and music go hand in hand. Get some music in your baby’s life with a toy that plays music or allows your baby to play her own music. The toy piano below is the perfect choice for your little musician.


A ball doesn’t have to be basic. Choose balls that have colorful designs, electronic phrases, and music to boost the entertainment factor. Not only will your child have a ball playing with the ball (excuse the pun), he will also be able to learn and engage.

Stuffed Animal with Bells and Whistles

A stuffed animal with extras is perfect for your 6-12 month old. Similar to the other toys in this section, stuffed animals for kids at this stage are enhanced with noise-makers, music, bright colors, and other stimulating features to appeal to your baby.

Best Toys for Toddles 1 to 3 Years Old

Toys for toddlers need to be action-packed, as toddlers have an unlimited reserve of energy and curiosity.


Building blocks are perfect for toddlers, as they allow for active, imaginative play. Furthermore, building blocks create the opportunity for the entire family to get on the floor and build together.

Activity Desks

A sturdy, colorful, activity desk could be a perfect pick for your child. Once you bring it home, the desk will become a place where your child can be imaginative and create something new. Some activity desks come with built-in electronic lessons, songs, and other features that add to the fun.

Instruments for Toddlers

Toy instruments create the opportunity for toddlers to make music themselves, versus only listening to music. Instruments specifically created for kids often come with pre-loaded songs that elevate the entire experience.

Learning Books

Reading does not have to be a drag- it can be a blast. Take reading time up a notch with a book that features sounds, buttons, lights, the whole nine yards. Your toddler will be starstruck.

Toys for Kids 4 to 6 Years Old

The toys listed in this section are perfect for your 4 to 6-year-old, as they allow for problem solving, creativity, and hands-on play.

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are among the top toys for bolstering creativity in children. They have varying shapes and are small enough to create detailed figurines.

Play Doh

The wide variety of colors, the squishy texture, and the unlimited options for creativity keep Play Doh popular and adored by kids everywhere. Play Doh can be used by younger children, but I find that this age group is best suited to use Play Doh the way that it was intended to be used.

Sports Playsets

Basketball, football, Soccer – all of these sports are awesome for your children. Open the door to screen-free fun with sport play sets. A favorite amongst kids is the kid-sized basketball hoop and mini-ball set.

Pattern Blocks

An interesting toy for your kids, pattern blocks allow for problem solving while creating fun figures.

Toys for Kids 7 to 10 Years Old

Smart Watch

Is a smart watch a toy? You bet! At face value, it appears to be a mere watch, but once you consider the variety of games and activities that come with smartwatches, you’ll find that these gadgets are some of the best toys for kids in this age group. 

Fashion Dolls

There are dolls meant for babies, toddlers, and young children, and then there are dolls better suited to older children. Dolls for older children have a bit more flavor, if you will. The style, the hair, and the fashion are all at the forefront, and each of these aspects appeal to older kids.


Scooters are a ton of fun to ride. If you want to get a scooter for your child, choose one that is sturdy and has a rear brake that allows for quick stops. Safety first!


Walkie-talkies multiply the amusement that playtime brings. They can be used to spice up hide-and-seek or a treasure hunt- kids can get creative when talking to each other remotely. In addition, this toy is great for kids who might be interested in communicating with others for fun but are still too young for a cell phone.

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