Initially, my plan was to start this open letter by declaring that you are the abortion your mothers should have had, but I opted not to go that route. Instead, I’ll come from a space of compassion and use your ignorance as a teachable moment for us all. I understand that as a black woman in 2019 you still consider me as less than 3/5ths of a human being as you cling to your Bible Belt, but let me be clear I matter just as much as you. You are not a Higher Power despite what your self-righteousness tells you. You have absolutely no right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body and then disguise your misogyny as protection for a fetus. Let’s be real, you don’t care whether a minority child lives or dies in this country. You’ve made that evident through the brutal extermination of black people carried out by law enforcement and protected by your Supreme Court Justices. Nevertheless, you continue to hide behind the guise of service and protection. Where was this so-called protection when the government began providing federal funding to Planned Parenthood? You know the same organization according to Ben Carson that was founded essentially to control the black and brown population by offering free to low-cost abortions? Please let’s not ignore the duplicity of the matter while you represent our nation.

War Against Women

I have to ask, are you waging this war against women because you’re noticing the nation-wide trend that Black women are choosing to have fewer children? How dare we have the audacity to make that choice on our own. I suppose in your eyes we still need massah to guide our life choices and control what we can or cannot do. Gentlemen, as you sit on your soap box might I remind you that you do not now nor will you ever have a Heaven or Hell to place anyone in, so know your place. But in all honesty, I can’t place all of the blame on you because you are, after all, an elected official, meaning people actually voted for you. America, we have to do better. The world is watching and will follow suit.
To anyone reading this open letter, I urge you not to allow your personal opinions, shame, guilt or fear stop you from advocating on behalf of women’s rights because that is ultimately what this issue infringes upon. White women, let’s not forget that your men have put you in this as well, meaning you don’t get a pass this time. Now are you ready to act being as it effects you and your husband’s mistresses?

This is a Serious Matter

Just like the futuristic cartoon, The Jetsons has come to fruition by way of FaceTime, virtual meetings, Alexa and Google Home; Hulu’s hit series The Handmaid’s Tale is one law away from becoming our reality unless we stand together in unity and fight for every person’s rights. In all seriousness, regardless of if we agree or disagree with a woman having an abortion, we have to maintain our right to make decisions and live with whatever choices we make. Without the capacity to make decisions for ourselves we are all doomed.

Thank you for reading
Mommi Pamela P.

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