5-Minute Sweet & Sour

This 5-minute sweet and sour recipe is quick, easy and versatile. I use this as a dipping sauce for my saltfish fritters, on fried bits of chicken to make Asian-style sweet and sour chicken and on my family-famous sweet and sour salmon. Just pour everything into the saucepan, bring to a low bowl, and turn off and your done! This recipe yields about 2 cups of sauce so you’ll have plenty to use as dipping sauce and throw the rest in the fridge to use on another dish later in the week.


¾ cup white sugar

2 tbsp cornstarch

1/3 cup white vinegar

2 tbsp ketchup

2 tbsp soy sauce

2/3 cup water



In a small saucepan, add your sugar and cornstarch and heat over medium heat.


Add remaining ingredients and whisk to combine thoroughly.


Allow to simmer until bubbling gently.


Remove from heat.


Enjoy as a dipping sauce or glaze for an endless list of delicious dishes!