Have you voted yet? Election Day is just 4 days away and every vote counts. We at MommiNation would like to share different resources for those that have not voted yet, but still plan to early vote or cast their ballot on Election Day, November 3rd.

Early Voting

As of October 30th, more than 80 million Americans have voted early in the presidential election. While some states have ended early voting, others are still allowing early voting through the day before the election. Not sure if your state is still allowing early voting, click here to find out. If you do plan to early vote, be sure to bring you I.D.

Absentee Ballot by Mail

If you choose to vote by absentee ballot, I really hope you have put it in the mail already. As of October 30th, election officials in many states are saying it may be too late to put your absentee ballot in the mail. Voters that have chosen this option are encouraged to deliver their ballots by hand at this point. To find out your states absentee ballot deadlines click here. Also, be sure you follow instructions on how to fill out your ballot. Something as simple as checking a box instead of filling in a box could invalidate your ballot.

So, what if you have not turned in your absentee ballot and would like to vote in person now. You may be able to change, but it depends on your state’s rules. You may have to cast a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are counted once election officials verify your voter status.

Election Day Voters

If you are not able to early vote or did not request an absentee ballot and plan to vote in person, we encourage you to have a plan for Election Day.

  • Plan to arrive early. Voters are shattering early voting records and experts expect Election Day turnout to break records as well. Allow yourself as much time as needed to exercise you right to vote.
  • Click here to confirm your polling location and save it into the calendar on your phone for November 3rd. You do not want to think that you remember the location and remember the wrong place. The worst thing you can do is sit in line for hours just to find out you have to go somewhere else.
  • Do not forget your required I.D. You will need to show it in order to vote.
  • Do not forget your mask and maintain social distancing.
  • If you are not able to get to your polling location until near closing time, in most places as long as you are in line before the polls close you will be allowed to vote.
  • Once you vote, be sure to use hand sanitizer and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Do not forget to grab an “I Voted” sticker on your way out. Be proud that you exercised your right to vote. So many of our black ancestors gave their life for us to have to the right to vote in the United States.