Why we’re watching

The Lion King, the first time many of us cried in the movies, fell in love with Africa and learned what Hakuna Matata meant…

And just in case you haven’t heard of Hakuna Matata (it can be our little secret) it’s a wonderful phrase and no passing craze… it means no worries for the rest of your days, a problem-free philosophy, Hakuna Matata!

The Lion King is that movie you could watch a million times and be completely enchanted every time.

The remake has already amassed over $531M worldwide (in its first 10 days) making it the highest box office open in the month of July and we can feel the excitement all over the internet!

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.- @cherylporterdiva

The reason many of us love the Lion King so much is because it’s where we learned all about the circle of life. We learned that everyone has a purpose on this earth and the power of the legacy we leave to our children. It is an important lesson to pass down to our children as we teach them to always walk in their purpose.

And let’s not pretend the fact that the Queen Bey plays Nala has given us one more reason to run to the theatres!

Who to bring along

Many people are making this a FAMILY AFFAIR…. and not just their immediate family, we’ve seen grandparents, aunts, uncles, godchildren, you name it! Some of the photos look more like a family reunion than a family trip to the movies, and we’re here for it!




There are very few things that bring us all together and we should relish in these awesome opportunities to all get-together. The Lion King is a wonderful movie, maybe one of the best Disney movies of all time, and it resonates with everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

The Lion King does tackle a very tough issue. The issue of mortality.

One that you inevitably have to discuss with your kids, but when is the right time?

This is different for every kid, at MommiNation, we couldn’t agree on the perfect age because it doesn’t exist. Only you know your child and only you should decide if they’re ready!


What to wear

Now you know, no family outing is complete without full coordination and planning! We don’t just roll out of bed to events like this we take our time to make sure we’re all in formation especially since Queen Bey is the star!

Here are some of our favorite families that got it right for the opening week

Still not sure what to wear?

Here are a few of our faves to get you started:

The Lion King brings a sense of nostalgia as we recall our fondest childhood memories. As adults, we have become so consumed with the worries in the world. It is refreshing to have the opportunity to share such an epic piece of our childhood with our children. Watching the Lion King signifies pride, love, family, legacy, and the beauty of Africa. This box office hit is the perfect family day to enjoy this summer. Mommies, gather your tribe and head to a theater near you to create the same beautiful memories that you had the opportunity to experience with your family.

Will you watch?

Have you already seen it? What do you think?

Share your comments below!