To My Daddy and his Purple Heart!

Hmmmm…..Where do I begin?  Thirty-nine years ago when I was born and I met the most amazing father that any girl could ever ask for.  I remember growing up and always wanting to be around my father.  Everywhere he went I wanted to tag along.  I would describe my father as one of the most serious Command Sergeant Majors in the Military but with a heart of Gold. From the Friday’s having father-daughter pizza nights to the talks in his little green truck about life, school, sports, and so much more than I could even think of right now, James Albert Washington has had an impact on my life that is everlasting.  I am so proud to call him daddy.  He always taught me to do my best at all things, work for what you get, and most of all love God.

The most important attribute about my Daddy is, his life speaks for itself.  He showed me discipline and faithfulness through his work ethic and his lifestyle.  He showed me how to go through persecution and pain and be resilient.  Oh….Wait….did I mention, that in his late 60’s he decided to become a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.  He actually went through the whole process.  His fellow bruhs have told me that my father is one of the toughest they have ever seen.  I would not expect anything less!

                                                                                     My Husband, Christopher Davis & My Daddy James Washington

Get your Kleenex….because I need mine

As I type this blog my eyes fill with tears because he has been through so much these last few years. For those that may not know, the color purple represents Pancreatic Cancer.  My Daddy is an 8-year Pancreatic Cancer survivor.  This was one of the most difficult times for my family.  My husband at the time was deployed, I was 3 hours away from my father with a newborn son.  Talk about tears and feeling helpless.  Never the less my daddy pulled through a very long, strategic surgery.  After that surgery came intensive radiation and chemotherapy.  My daddy’s only words were, that he wanted to serve the Lord and live long enough to see his grandson play sports.

Everything is GREEEEAAAT!!!!!  However,  now 2018 comes and he is told he has Urachal Cancer.  He undergoes major surgery, with a majority of his stomach and some of his bladder removed. Of course, he pulls through and goes right back to his normal every morning walk/jog, only to find out months later that he has Prostate Cancer.  OK, by now I’m mad, sad, depressed, questioning why???????.   But, through it, all my daddy is so resilient and at peace.  He never shows worry or anxiety.  This man has made it through so much.  Purple can be considered as royalty right?  A heart of royalty, a soul of royalty, and a life of royalty.   I love my daddy so much… I could definitely go on and on like the energizer bunny!!!! Thank you daddy for setting an example for other men through your life.  I LOVE YOU DADDY!

My Daddy and I- Pancreatic Cancer Gala


Let me clear my throat…ehmhhhh ehmhhhhh ehmmhhhh…

Christopher G. Davis….this man is like my dad is so many ways. How?  Both my Father and my husband were in the military, they are both apart of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated, and guess what they both have encountered “The color purple” through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

On April 2, 2010, Captain Christopher G. Davis (combat engineer) lead a group of his soldiers on a mission.  Before they could reach their destination……..all of a sudden BOOM!!!!……YESSS….IT HAPPENED.  His vehicle encountered a 400 pound IED and was torn in pieces and he was left with a torn rotatory cuff and a Traumatic Brain Injury.  He was told that he would be transported to a nearby hospital and sent home due to the severity of his injuries.


He refused to leave his soldiers without their Captain.  He stayed, suffered headaches daily, and even a shoulder injury that gave him intense pain.  Until this day, my husband suffers from headaches daily.  Some days are better than others.  But honestly, he will never be the same again.  But because He loves the Lord and his country, his heart, soul and life exude “The Color Purple”, ROYALTY!  I thank God for a husband that truly exemplifies resilience, love, and passion.  The love of my life was awarded a bronze star and A PURPLE HEART.  He’s now retired and spends time coaching our children, serving in the community, and of course, Ministering the Gospel.

                                                                                     DADDY’S BABIES

Wow……Our daughters are all daddy’s girls, and it’s safe to say…..the boys are too!!!!

Keana is 24 years old and is a  big baby when it comes to her daddy.  The aggressive and smart 17-year-old teenage daughter Christian, takes his heart and he conforms into a big teddy bear.  Our 14-year-old son Darren, is the middle child but does not have the middle child syndrome….THANK GOD!!! He is so content and mild-mannered. The 9-year-old Britton, is his project and his first son by birth, and boy does he have a soft spot for him.  And of course, last but not least the 4-year-old princess Lilly, gets anything she wants and she does no wrong…..She gets candy and chips for breakfast, and he must stop the corner quick stop on the way to school to buy candy for her entire class… about a soft heart.

My husband will do anything for our kids.  He will challenge them and love them at the same time.  Even as a football, basketball and baseball coach in the community, he is everyone’s dad.  He treats the players like they are his and we always have a house full of boys that eat all of the food i cook……Does anyone care to donate to the Davis fund…..lolololol….Just kidding! I love my Husband with all my Heart.  He is my Lover,Friend, Pastor and the father of my children. Happy Father’s Day Babe, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love Mommi Demetria