1. Putting up the tree/decorations together

How many Mommies out there think Christmas comes right after Halloween? We are so excited to get in the Christmas spirit that we start decorating November 1st haha. You children will forever remember putting up or picking out the Christmas tree and turning the house into a winter wonderland with Mommi for years to come.

2. Baking cookies & hot chocolate bar

Every year, you have to make Christmas cookies for Santa, just make sure you make Mommi and Daddi’s…. I mean Santa’s favorite. A little twist to this tradition is to create a hot chocolate bar and sip until the cookies are done. You can add caramel, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, white chocolate…. the toppings are endless!

3. Annual Christmas cards

Okay Mommies, if you’re anything like us here at MommiNation, you’re probably hoping and praying that the Christmas cards you sent off yesterday make it in time! Don’t stress, if they don’t arrive by the 25th they’ll definitely make it before the new year and Spoiler Alert 🚨: No one keeps the cards anyway! Or perhaps you’re that Mommi that coordinates adorable matching Christmas outfits to capture the perfect family photo and sent your cards off well in advance. If that’s you, kudos to you, you’re the real MVP! Either way Christmas cards are a must as they let our loved ones know just how special and cherished they truly are!

4. Annual Christmas party

When did cute ugly sweaters become a thing? Well we’re glad they are a thing because a themed Christmas party is always the move. Get all of your fellow mommies together and have an annual Christmas party. You can exchange gifts by drawing names, doing a white elephant exchange, or a secret Santa.

5. Telling the children the true meaning of Christmas

To believe in Santa or not to believe that is the question….but what we know for sure is that without Christ, there’s no Christmas. So as we throw things in our carts (either physically at target or via amazon prime) let’s not forget the ultimate gift that was given so that we might all live and love abundantly!🙏🏾

6. Making ornaments

This tradition is always fun. Spending quality time with your little ones make ing ornaments over the years. You can date them and look back when they are 18 at your tree full of special ornaments from your favorite people in the world.

7. Christmas movies

Whether it’s Ralphie’s double-dog dare to stick his tongue on a pole or the Grinch trying to steal Christmas, nothing sparks that feeling of nostalgia more than cuddling up and watching Christmas movies. Now these kid-friendly movies are great, but we want to know what our Mommies are throwing on this year, will it be Chris Brown in This Christmas, Mr Fine himself Morris Chestnut in The Best Man Holiday, the one and only Denzel Washington in The Preacher’s Wife or  the hilarious Day Day aka Mike Epps in Friday After Next? You can’t go wrong with any of these flicks!

8. Going to see Christmas lights

Like a moth to a flame, every year families are drawn to the elaborate Christmas arrangements on display. We look on in awe as the lights flicker to the beat of music, the dancing Santas, and the precious nativity scenes. And every year after walking/driving around and being thoroughly amazed and entertained by the displays all we’re left wondering is, “Who in the world has time to do all of that?”🤔

9. Opening 1 gift on Christmas Eve

No matter how old we get, opening that one present on Christmas Eve or watching our little one(s) open a present ignites joy in our hearts! The trick is picking that right gift to unveil…it can’t be too good because nothing will top it the following day; however it can’t be a bust either because it may foreshadow how the remainder of the gifts under the tree will be. So as we lift, shake and listen to what’s wrapped in those boxes make sure you pick the right one or be left with the crazy alternative of waiting a few more hours until Christmas and opening them all!🎁

10. Matching Christmas pjs

We love taking pictures in our pjs and rockin them around the house! From comfy onesies to cozy matching sets, coordinated pajamas have become a trend that we can’t seem to get away from and with all the fun we have in them, why should we!