I literally laughed out loud and thought, this is about as true as everyone claiming to be “Living Their Best Life” and we all know just how true that is. After listening to the song again I’ll be the first to admit, while I was extremely entertained, I was left utterly confused. Are they serious? Are they making a mockery out of generational infidelity which runs rampant in the Black community? Nobody is actually taking this song serious right? After scrolling through the internet, I landed on the one comment that seemed to sum it all up for me, “This is a whole Jussie Smollett ass lie!” I died! This person is absolutely right, the idea sounds good and it’s something we really want to believe but of course we all know better! So, as we sit back and watch some of the most ignominious of men across the nation take this blasted pledge of “attempted fidelity,” I’m sure many women, like myself, are left bewildered by this entire movement.