Self Sufficient

Quality time

Extracurricular activities

Food shopping


What’s Eli doing?


Just a snippet of the list of concerns that run through my head any given day, quite frankly any given hour if I’m to be honest.

When I was a mom with a husband and an extremely supportive, hands on mother I struggled. Losing both within a weeks of each other ( Rest in peace Ma 06-23-15; currently filing for divorce) was like having a rug pulled from underneath me.


I was 6 months pregnant my last and final separation and here I am 2 years later still trying to get on my feet and figure it out all out. Being a mom is hard,  a single mom even harder , throw in a special needs child (that’s another blog)

All that to say in this season I’ve learned money isn’t the quick fix , I mean I need it but it isn’t the end all be all. A supportive village is what I need to survive, remember how back in the day great grandma would watch the kids while the parents went to work etc…. nowadays great grandma still has to work part-time at Wal-Mart after retirement to make ends meet unfortunately.

This is where siblings, cousins, bff,  the church,  community resources have to step in. When you have a list of to do’s running through your mind as you change diapers, finish that homework assignment,  realize you forgot to gran cheese etc…. it can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. And that’s exactly where I was earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to realize I needed to pause, pray and focus on what I could realistically achieve that day.

Lucky for me by the end the week my sister was available to take my oldest daughter to the libraries storytime while I ran to Shoprite and answered a call from my son’s school. The next day my ex asked to take the girls to breakfast. I used that 2 hours to drop off my modem to Xfinity,  run to the gym next door (self-care)  and run BACK to Shoprite to pick up some items I forgot a few days earlier.

Those 2 small gestures allowed me to decompress, breath and get my mind right. It allowed me the space to realize I was stressing over a matter that was non-existent.

Here’s my point lol, Mothers single or married need support.



Yes we can do it all but not all the time at the same exact time. In a time of extreme Mental health awareness let’s not wait until mommies breakdown to step in and help. Sometimes Mommies need to put the Superhero Cape in the cleaners and put our feet up

Examples of ways to help Strong Mommies

1. Volunteer at a Women’s and children shelter (don’t be fooled she is very strong and you have no idea what circumstances left her homeless)

2. Use a PTO day to be an extra hand to a mother: babysit for a couple of hours or help with a household chore


Are you inspired to help out a mommy?

Drop a comment or email me how you plan to do so

Are you a strong mommy who needs support?

Comment below how your village could be more supportive?