Growing up my girlfriends would joke how they could picture my future children. All dolled up with polished hair, bow ties and barrettes. I could actually picture it myself all of us in coordinating outfits, smiling, holding hands, perfect skin, perfect car ………..

Boy was I mistaken LMBO

Instead I find myself to be the hot mess mom with my three kiddies in tow. You know the mom dragging her children into the front office to to get a late slip and the decide to hop on the couch and peel off those adorable art pieces the kindergartens made for Valentines Day- Yup those are my kids 🤗.

You know that other mom in Walmart with the slippers, messy hair, huge backpack with Mega Stroller with a kid hanging off the side- Yup that’s us again 🙃

Totally not what I envisioned Motherhood to be , honestly nothing about my Motherhood experience is what I imagined , yet I wouldn’t change it for the world Because it’s simply that My World. Being a full time Stay at Home is the hardest jobs I’ve ever taken on, some days I think I cry more than the children do. But God!

By that I mean only with God do we survive the day to day . When I hide in my bedroom or bathroom for a quick  prayer/survival break, He reminds of His unfailing Love and Grace that He bestows upon me daily. In that moment I’m challenge myself to grace my children and show them the mercy God shows even when the world doesn’t believe I deserve it. And despite my daily shortcomings my children continue to love me as well.

   What’s my point you ask?

My point is, yes you should set those standards of what you would like your family to be , to look like but you must be flexible and realize with various life changes and experiences your Journey as a mother may not resemble your vision board at the moment but babies aren’t babies forever . When I get discouraged I remind myself that I am raising three children under 5 on my own 85% of the time and it’s ok that my laundry is piled up 🤫

I surely didn’t sign up for this But God did and I embrace this current season because I know He brought me to it for a purpose and right my primary ministry are my children.  On that note let me Go check on these children and make sure they aren’t destroying my living room.


Be blessed Mommies 😘