In the small town of Jones Creek, TX, I was raised in church as a PK (pastor’s kid). I began participating in ministry at a young age when I started singing and praise dancing. Little did I know, ministry would be a life-long journey for me. While in college, I found my church home, Greater Mt. Zion. There I became more involved in ministry, grew as a leader, gained a spiritual family, and accepted my call to preach.
Though preaching was never a desire of mine or even a thought in my mind, I understood that when God calls, you answer. The best part about finding my church is that it’s also the place where I found my husband, Pastor Vecente Coatney. Not only have we been making beautiful ministry together, but we’ve also made a beautiful baby, our amazing son whom we affectionately call “Third”. He is my absolute biggest blessing and motherhood is my greatest achievement.
As a mom blogger, there are 5 F’s that I love to focus on (faith, family, fitness, food, and fun), and I aim to share how I’m “learning to balance it all.” In the process of finding my way, I desire to inspire, motivate, and support other moms who are trying to do the same.
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February 2, 2021
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