In this video, I will show you how I get soft, voluminous, and big curls with a perm rod set.




I start off on freshly washed, deep conditioned, and air-dried hair. I washed my hair 2 days before this video and set my hair in buns while wet and completely detangled. Then, I let my hair air dry for 2 days. My hair was already separated into two parts. I separated those sections in half.



Since my hair was completely dry, I sprayed with a water and rosemary oil mixture. The base of all of my hairstyles begins with water and leave-in conditioner to provide as much moisture as possible. Then I cover the section in oil. The last 2 products I use are for hold. I used lotta body (and water) spray and Affirm foam lotion.


Perm Rods

I decided to use the orange perm rods. Securing the perm rod at the ends and twisting around the rod all the way up.



I chose to avoid heat and let my hair air dry for 24 hours. Sleeping can be uncomfortable so I usually part my hair straight down the middle to allow for me to lay back comfortably (see video) and cover with a large silk bonnet.




I cover my hands in argan oil to add shine and reduce frizz and begin to unravel the perm rods in the opposite direction I secured them in. Once all the perm rods are out, I cover my hands and oil again and separate each curl.


I made a defined part down the middle and on each side. I wore this style with a side part (on each side), a middle part, and half up/ half down.



Hope you enjoyed it!!! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions and follow my hair journey by following me on Instagram and subscribing to my YouTube channel.


Until next time,

Mommi Mykal