by Rocquel of  OurMommySpace

Let me guess you’re sitting in your living room binge-watching all of your favorite shows, your kids are running through all of the snacks in the pantry and you can’t blame them because you’re finding yourself doing the same also 😀 (hey it happens to the best of us!). The world is at a complete halt right now due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus!! While many mommi’s are trapped inside their homes with their children due to fear of going outdoors around large groups, state curfews and long lines in the stores; this pandemic can also have some benefits when it comes to Motherhood.

What do I mean about benefits?

When you think about benefits think about what brings you relief, what makes your heart warm, what truly makes you happy. Now grant it, when I mention happiness and benefits a massage might sound pretty amazing right now; but unfortunately mommi the spas are closed! But one thing for sure that warms our heart is our children. The Coronavirus may have ruined our plans, finances and even our routine but for sure there’s definitely benefits of the Coronavirus when it comes to motherhood because it’s allowing us to be with our children.

Everything is closed

Schools, restaurants, fitness gyms, social events, stores and etc have closed down as a result of the Coronavirus for at least two weeks to a month. This has left many mommi’s and citizens at a complete standstill on “what to do next?”. For mommi’s like myself this could be a challenge because we’re always on the go with work, gym time, our hobbies and heck simply trying to eat when we can. However, there may be some good for Motherhood that can come from the Coronavirus. As mommi’s we constantly feel guilty when we miss out on different events or milestones that our children achieve in our absence due to work, school and etc. We live in a fast-paced society where everything is on a schedule coming and going. Now that things we’re so accustomed to doing or having are currently being banned this allows us to focus on the true meaning of “quality time”.

Let’s take advantage

Just over the past few days of many states being ordered to quarantine and stay away from social distancing, I’ve noticed how precious time is and what you truly do with it matters. While this pandemic has changed our day to day life, for instance being able to work from home or your children being forced to be homeschooled for the time being sure sheds a different outlook of the term “an experience”. Working from home will have its challenges with the kids but think about the time in between you’ll have to spend with your kids. If you think about it, lunch break with your children may not be too bad as a temporary substitution to your coworkers for the time being. If you’re worrying about school and your children learning from home remember, you can only do your best. However, a lot of companies have taken the initiative to step up and provide resources to assist families in providing meals, long-distance learning etc. In fact, there are alot of online educational companies offering free online learning with the wake of the Coronavirus which will give mommi’s a little ease when it comes to homeschooling. Therefore, mommi don’t fret, the Coronavirus allows us to take in those moments we as mommi’s feel like we miss. The virus has given us a sense of simplicity such as watching movies as a family, playing board games, playing in the backyard, or simply still implementing school routines at home to foster learning in the absence of school, and etc.

They may surprise you

Don’t be surprised if during these next few days you noticed a new milestone about your infant or toddler. Don’t be surprised if your teen has completely blown you away on one of the assignments you’ve given them to challenge them and they surpass your expectations “they sure showed you” 😀. Take this time to do all the quality time things you’ve always wanted to do with your children. Whether it’s exploring the backyard by planting a garden (“well it is spring”), making that new dish, or simply playing outside in the backyard for once. Although life happens and many are out of work, some may be worried financially or have a little fear. I challenge all my mommi’s to not live in fear, but to embrace your “now” by loving on your kids and exploring the idea of the true meaning of quality time.​ ​Moments like these sometimes we take for granted and oftentimes life changing events like this forces us to reflect more on family and get connected with what life is truly all about.

Below I’ve listed some ideas you can do with your children around the house:

  1. Show Picaso up with chalk drawings outdoors.
  2. Try allowing your teens to teach you how to play a video game “this will blow their mind” .
  3. Take your twin on doing a “Nailed It” Challenge from home.
  4. Sit back and have a movie day with yummy treats.
  5. Who doesn’t love a good Tik Tok and if the whole family is home indoors this is a plus!!
  6. Try cooking a new dish with your children as the “Sous Chefs”.
  7. Take time to learn or teach your kids something new (educational, a trade, family history, societal etc).
  8. Try making Slime (Outdoors of course Lol!!)
  9. Give lots of hugs and kisses to your children.

While some of these activities may require a visit to the stores or us going outdoors we ask that you be safe.

Mommi we hope these activities add fun to you quarantine days while we get through these next trying days.

If you find yourself doing any of these activities please share with other Mommi’s around the world by using the hashtag #Mommination.