It’s a Boy! I remember hearing the doctor say as he hurriedly pulls my little guy from my womb not breathing and Blue from his umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck. As a 17-year-old teenager being a Teen Mom was already tough, Now this?!! Scared was an understatement…I was Terrified! Moments later I finally hear my son cry and now I could finally breathe. Now I can try to figure out What to do Next.
He’s 3 now and a Big Brother!! As a quick Family outing before my husband heads off to Iraq for Deployment, we decide to go Bowling. Oh, what an Exciting place for a Happy- Go- Lucky Toddler to be. The Neon Bright  Lights, the Sounds of 90’s music being played over the speaker, The Long lanes with Tall pins waiting at the end to be Crushed by Huge Bowling Pins. Oh, this is to be F.U.N! After impatiently waiting It’s now my little dudes turn to send his ball down the lane. He is determined that he can do this on his own so his father insists that I step back and let him try. One…Two…Three….SCREAM! My little dude is now covered in Blood and will definitely need surgery (or at least that’s how it looks in my head). He has slipped and fell chin first into the Hot Wheel Car that was permanently attached to his hand. Thankfully he only needed 2 stitches and now is the PROUD owner of a Scar and a Story that will go on with him Forever.
It’s about 5:30 pm on a Thursday Night and I am decked out in my Blue and Orange Ready for some Pee Wee Football. My oldest daughter is in front to my right cheering her Big Brother on with the rest of her Cheerleading Squad while her Little Sister is beside me dangling her feet on the Bleachers guzzling down a Cherry Slurpee the Size of her head. The Crowd is Live and in Full Effect, “Let’s Go Broncos, Let’s Go Broncos” my dude has the ball and is headed into the End zone for a TOUCHDOWN! The Crowd goes Nuts, myself included! His team was down by 3 points, they needed this score to Win and Beat their Rival Team. Tonight is his Night, HE is the Real MVP!
What only feels as if a year has gone by and he’s the Oldest of 6, Driving his own car, knee deep in SAT’s, Senior Prom and deciding on “What comes Next in Life.” Where has the time gone? Where is my Baby who needed me on that bowling lane? Where is the Dude that I cheered for on a COUNTLESS number of football fields? Where is my Guy who wrestles and teases his little sisters until they start crying b/c he’s being a meany face meany head. Where is my Handsome Young Man who just walked across the Stage and received his High School Diploma? Where is my little Blue Baby Boy who made me a Mom? Oh yeah that’s right, he’s an Adult now.