Are you ready for a getaway? A kid-free getaway? Would you like to know how to travel without your kids and soak up some much needed baecay time? If you shouted yes to all three questions, you are about to get baecation ready and successfully plan your overdue kid-free getaway.

First Comes The Nerves

The time was creeping up to leave the girls and go on our kid-free getaway to Sydney, Australia. The excitement mixed with anxiety for this trip was for sure kicking my little butt! Saige was only nine months at the time of our travel. It was our first time traveling without her and my nerves were getting the best of me. Good thing I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore because that would be a struggle for her and my boobs. Although we had prior experience two years ago from traveling without Nyomi, I was still nervous about leaving her as well.

Why was I so nervous? As a mom, especially a new mom, with a newborn baby, it was down right normal for me to be nervous. Read my blog ‘Another Baby After Eight Years: What Was I Thinking?’

I had so many concerns! My main two being 1. How the daily operations of the home would flow smoothly without me being there. And 2. How would I get back to my girls right away in case of an emergency? Do you know how many hours it takes to fly to Texas from Australia, on a connecting flight? The thought of being nine thousand, two hundred and sixty eight air miles away from my girls was nerve-racking enough.

Then Reality Kicks In

After a refreshing taste of freedom, our getaway from the kids reminded us of the power of prioritizing each other and putting our marriage first. With the addition of a new baby in our blended family, this trip was essential. It became the seed that planted more kid-free getaways.

Before I go on, I must say, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about going on a kid-free getaway! Every couple needs time to refocus, refresh and rekindle the love that existed before the kids. Trust me – your marriage depends on it and your family too. 

Now with that said. Traveling without the kiddos require tons of prep, way more than when you travel with them. Well at least for me. Don’t be alarmed! I’m just keeping it real! If you are anything like me: a planner, perfectionist and well organized – things can get a little over the top. Just remember, all the time invested now will be worth it in the days ahead. Baecation, Baecation, Baecation!!!

Here are my top five must do’s for a stress-free getaway without the kids:

1. Have the kids stay at your house (If feasible)

It is my preference to keep our girls at home in their comfort zone. My neighbor which is our designated sitter, takes care of our girls in our home. Always! Whether it’s for date nights, running errands or traveling, she is right there at our home with our the girls. There were a few times we had my family members fly to us to care for the girls while we were on our travels as well. 

Having the kids sleep in their own bed is way easier than getting them to sleep in a new environment. It also helps to keep the flow of their bedtime routine. A new environment might cause anxiety especially with you being away. So opting for minimal changes to their environment might be successful for your kids as it is with my girls.

2. Review the kids schedule and routine with sitter

I usually send our sitter the girls’ daily schedule and routine a few days ahead. This gives enough time for the sitter to get familiar with the girls’ normal schedule and for me to answer all the questions the sitter might have.

If my family member is caring for the kids, I have them arrive a couple days earlier before we go to get them familiar with the kids’ schedule. Oh and of course, I always leave a schedule on the refrigerator as a reminder. This comes in very handy for me too. Mommy brain kicks in often around here (wink*)!

A schedule and routine helps to keep the kids comfortable and things running smooth. Having a schedule to follow gives so much peace of mind not only for us parents but for who you leave in care of the kids. Don’t forget to list any and all allergies.

3. Stock up on everything

Filling the pantry with my girls’ favorite snacks and loading the refrigerator with their favorite meals gives me one less thing to worry about while away. Also restocking their drawers with folded clothes and organizing their closets with daily outfits comes in very handy for the kids and the sitter.

This is also the perfect time to restock those diapers, wipes, prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. No need to worry if you forget to restock an essential item. There is Amazon for that. Go online, add your items to the cart, (throw in a surprise for the girls) and select same day shipping if available at purchase.

4. Make a communication plan

At the time when we travelled to Australia, Nyomi was eight years old and Saige was nine months. I don’t recall us saying much to Saige but little Nyomi sure got the details. She asked for the dates and time of our departure and our return which gave her some security. Also, we explained the possibility of flight delays just in case we are not home at the time we told her. This helps to keep her calm and less worried.

Communicating your travels with the kids will vary depending on their ages. You want to make sure that you communicate to them in the best way possible. This will take some trial and error to figure out what works for each child.

You may feel tempted to call and check up on the kids on a regular especially if it is your first time leaving them but do so with caution. Be careful, as calling can be awesome and stressful for both you and the kids. There was this one time where I was calling too much and it made Saige so fussy. The sitter recommended checking in on the baby cam at anytime. This was the best advice she gave. I was able to check in on the kids without affecting any happenings in their environment. 

5. Put together an emergency folder

Anything can happen while you are home with the kids and as such while you are away from the kids. As a result, having an emergency folder will put everyone at ease and prepared for any emergency.

When compiling your folder with your desired documents be sure to include the following: names and numbers of emergency contacts, pediatricians, dentists, insurance cards, immunization cards and the location of the pharmacy for prescriptions.


Finally, the list is done! With all of the above checked off one by one, you will have no need to worry about a thing. Just sit back, relax and countdown to your upcoming kid-free getaway! Have fun y’all!


Mommi Roxi


Our recent Baecation at Sandals Jamaica.


What are your best tips for traveling without the kids? Share them with me in the comments below!!!