I’m Demetria…or you can call me Demi, Meechie, Dee, Mama Dee, Pastor Dee, Meech, Mommy Ma, Mom, Babe…..

Guess What?
I’m a:
A Capricorn – I’m a New Year’s Eve Baby
World Champion Gold Medalist- Track and Field
Fayetteville 40 under 40 class of 2014
2018 Mrs. Fayetteville International
2018 Mrs. North Carolina International- 1st RUNNER UP
Pastor alongside my Husband – Force of Life Fayetteville
Wife of a Purple Heart and Bronze Star Retired CPT Christopher Davis
Mother of 5 kids- Keana, Christian, Darren, Britton, and Regan Lilly
Soon to be Grandmother…YIKES!!!!
I absolutely love to cook and bake…Cookbook coming soon!
Lover of the Lord- I would love to pray for and with you!

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+ A pregnant woman holding her tummy as she talks on the phone and looks at her computer in her corporate office.

Pregnancy Discrimination: The Facts and Advice

Pregnancy discrimination is the unfair treatment of a woman in the workplace due to pregnancy,...
July 16, 2024
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What To Consider When Choosing Toys for Your Child

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Is Your Kid Shy or Could They Have Anxiety?

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New or Used: Determining Which Car Is Best for You

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Creating Generational Wealth as a Black Mother

As Black mothers, we have the unique and powerful opportunity to build financial legacies that...
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Early Prep Steps for Next Year’s Tax Season

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Things To Consider if Your Child Plays Little League

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June 24, 2024
+ Helpful Comfort Items That Can Soothe Your Child

Helpful Comfort Items That Can Soothe Your Child

Becoming a new parent is a beautiful, albeit overwhelming, adventure. The moment your little one...
June 18, 2024




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