Who would’ve thought that I would use cloth diapers? ​Not with Baby #4. Well, ​Yah I did it​.​ You’re probably wondering why the change. Especially because he was over the age of 1 year old when I started and would soon to be potty trained in a year or so. Well, I did it because I found that we were spending WAY ​TOO MUCH​ on traditional diapers. Religiously before taking this journey I was an Honest Company subscription member on the diaper and wipes plan for little over 3 years. (3 years because his older brother is 18 months older than him). My fiancé and I used the Honest Company because of its convenience. Having it mailed and delivered every 3 to 6 weeks not having to worry about picking up wipes or diapers at the store was an ease. At one point I was purchasing double the amount of diapers from them because Aasir wasn’t potty trained yet. So that was at least ​$160 bucks every 3 to 6 weeks.​ I don’t know how we did it now that I see how much more cost-efficient cloth diapering is. I don’t think I will ever go back.

So in the past 8 months, I have learned that cloth diaper can be so effective. My fiancé’ did not really want to take part in it so I mentioned to him that every two weeks he has to put in a jar $60. That $60 was the amount that we would spend on diapers for a two week period. (Maybe that sixty can go-to wedding planning stuff LOL.) I wanted to prove that we were saving money. And he agreed.

How to wash cloth diapers:

After getting the cloth diapers I also realized that there were certain ways to take care of them. Who told me to do my research afterward. But to be honest it isn’t that hard to do. Many people recommended using certain soaps and water softeners. I have a HE washer so it was a bit easier than many YouTube videos I watched with the older model washers. To wash the diapers you should pre-wash cold with any recommended soap brand that could be used for cloth diapers. (I use either Tide or Arm & Hammer with Oxi Clean). After was the pre-wash wash using a normal cycle with hot water. I was also told to buy borax for helping of the water hardness. And then dry. A few videos that I watched mention not to use tissue softener or liquid softener with the diapers and it can lose the absorbency in the material in the diaper.

What type of diapers am I using:

So, I am using diapers with pockets. Yes, it is a bit more work. But I found that once wash and I pre-pack the pockets I am okay. I pack the diapers and put them on door hanger behind my door, It’s an easy way to run to and get what I need instead of searching for the diapers and parts needed for it. I do know that there are other diapers but as a beginner, these worked just fine for me.

Different types of cloth diapers: Pockets, sleeve diapers, fitted, all in ones, all in twos, pre-folds, and hybrids. Please research as everyone may have different preferences.

What do I do with Poopy Diapers?

Since the journey has begun I’ve had about 5 out of 11 poopy diapers in a day. Guess I can say it’s all on what the little one eats. Cleaning poop out of the diapers was my biggest fear before starting this journey only because I thought I was going to have to touch it. Guess what? I don’t. The young lady who helped me with the beginning stages of cloth diapering mentioned to use a spatula and scrape the poop off into a toilet. And it is the brightest idea yet. The spatula doesn’t have to be some fancy one either. I used one from the Dollar Tree in the kitchen section. Over the first day of cloth diapering, I researched that using Viva pick your size paper towel as a barrier helps with disposing of the poop. Which it truly does. It makes it easier to where there’s no scrapping anything off the diaper. Just pick up and flush. I recommend using the Viva paper towel or finding a lining for the cloth diapers

Do I plan to go back to “traditional” diapers?

At the moment NO! I can’t see a reason that I would go back. Maybe the laziness of washing clothes. Or a long road trip. In the end, no I can’t see myself going back to traditional diapers. There are too many good things that I am liking about cloth diapers. I would recommend cloth diapers to all. Try it out you may just like it.

Links that helped me in this journey:

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Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time Mommi Shantavia

Being vegan isn’t easy but when you got 4 boys and a wonderful fiancé their health and your health is all that matters. Starting our vegan journey in 2014 was the best thing yet for our family. This vegan mommy homeschools her kids, lives a holistic lifestyle, and a forex entrepreneur. I’m Shantavia Davis from South Florida.