In celebration of Black mothers, we’ve put together a list of Black Mother & Child Owned businesses.

Black Mother and Child Owned Businesses

Mr.Cory’s Cookies (Englewood, NJ) produces cookies without stuff we cannot pronounce or understand. The ingredients they add into their treats are natural and organic. (Owners Cory Nieves and Lisa Howard)

Gymnetics (Atlanta, GA) is a fitness center that offers personalized nutritional advice, customized weight loss programs and a work-out regime that is totally unique to you and your body. (Owners: Ellen Ector and her daughter Lana Ector)

Paige &Paxton (Evanston, IL) uses adorable puzzle piece characters, to teach complex STEM subjects to children as young as 3 years old. (Owners: Rachel O. Williams and her daughter, Kelley O. Cambry)

Bankable Marketing Strategies (Detroit, MI) offers client’s proven experience in the development, management and execution of marketing campaigns, initiatives and events. (Owners: Sharon Banks, her daughter Erica Banks and son, Eliot Banks)