As women, and as Moms we go through seasons in our lives where our hope begins to diminish due to circumstances beyond our control. Even some situations we find ourselves in may be due to a bad decision we have made and has caused us such grief, and that’s ok, we make mistakes and learn from it. No matter the reason we may be going through a rough time it’s important to stay hopeful….because like the old folks say, “trouble don’t last always.” If you or someone close to you finds themselves in a dark time remind them of these 4 meaningful tips to add cheer and thankfulness during this holiday season and beyond.

  • Put Life in Perspective

Things happen, we fall and may disappoint ourselves and other’s but it isn’t the end of the world. Learn to put your life in perspective and acknowledge this hard time without letting it consume you. Allow something positive in your life to help you crawl out of the hole you may be in. Allowing yourself to see beyond the hardship or pain you’re in now signify’s your faith and ability to grow beyond it.

  • Be intentional

Being intentional with your thoughts and actions shapes the way life operates around you. When you take control of your life and not allow a difficult season in your life shape your thought pattern, you are creating a positive habit. God doesn’t promise us a life free from problems but he does offer us faith and guidance throughout it. Being intentionally positive when you may not feel like it will only bring positive results. Starting the day off with something that will uplift your spirit instead of starting the day with no direction will make a world of difference. I challenge you to choose an attitude of thankfulness despite what may be happening around you!

  • Give generously

I don’t know about you but when I give to others it automatically puts me in a great state of mind. Especially when it’s a sacrifice. Giving is such a selfless gesture and it becomes addictive. Have you ever given to a toy drive around Christmas or donated clothes to a homeless shelter? If you have then you know the exact feeling I’m referring to. It seems as though when you give sacrificially there’s some sort of endorphin in our brains that signals this immediate surge of thankfulness. You are thankful to be in a position to give, and thankful that although life may not be the best, you are still not as bad off as you thought. You begin to count your blessings even more and certainly more often.

  • Appreciate what you have

Appreciation and thankfulness go hand-in-hand. Appreciating what you already have allows our blessings to flow even more abundantly. If we place our concentration on what we do have then we find little time to focus on what we don’t. It’s a very simple concept however, it’s one that we overlook as we get boggled down and distracted sometimes in life. Let’s re-learn to appreciate the small things like, waking up each day, for our homes, our families, our jobs, and of course our magical children that we can’t see a life without. These thoughts can make even the worst days better!

We all encounter circumstances in our lives that can make this time of year difficult to enjoy, but somehow remembering these simple acts of thankfulness can help to curve our focus and rejuvenate our spirits. Remember to use perspective in your life and be intentional about starting a new day fresh. Give generously and appreciate even the seemingly small things in life. I pray that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy every part of the day and its meaning, remember to lead with an attitude of thanks! Until next time,

Mommi Brittany