Are Your Stress Levels In The Red?

We’re currently living in some crazy and unprecedented times. One of the major changes for Parents everywhere is our children not being in a traditional school environment. Never in our lifetime have we ever seen our children not in the classroom. Due to COVID-19 our world has undergone unimaginable changes and our kids have been affected in ways we never saw coming!

When schools were shut down in March they were isolated from their peers and quarantined for months to ensure their health and safety. This year has interrupted our routines, vacations, etc, and the upcoming school year has been a huge challenge. We are all just trying to decide what is best for our families while keeping everyone safe. With all the uncertainty surrounding the 2020-2021 school it is easy to become anxious and activate every single one of our stress triggers. I will tell you I refuse to let it get the best of me and my family! Here are 3 reasons why I’m not letting this school year stress me out:

Philippians 4:6 Do Not Be Anxious #179 - In Due Time

This Situation Is Out Of Our Control

If you can’t control it, why stress about it? Easier said than done but a pandemic taking place in our society and worldwide is something that we could have never predicted or prevented ourselves. We are doing ourselves a disservice is we continuously grow anxious about it. By allowing this to stress us out as Mom’s, most likely it is spilling over onto our children and we want to always remain stable for our kids who depend on us for everything. Eliminating anything that causes a negative effect on our kids (as well as ourselves) is so important as Parents. There are already so many other aspects of Motherhood that can be stressful, I always do my best not to add anything that I cannot control. That’s a huge part of self-care and crucial in maintaining your mental health. I’m not a therapist but I speak from experience.


2020-2021 School Year - Home

I Choose Thankfulness

Watching the news is so depressing! Seeing and hearing all the bad news surrounding this invisible monster and watching the death toll climb everyday can put a damper on your mood and drive up your anxiety QUICKLY!!! It also can put things in perspective and allow you to take a moment and just whisper “Thank you, God.” Thank you, God because the tragedy could’ve struck your family but somehow the Creator protected you! If 2020 hasn’t shown us anything it has shown us our whole world can change over night and that no one is exempt.

COVID-19 has spread from person-to-person, causes horrific damage to the body, and has torn families apart. It is only right that we are thankful if we haven’t experienced this tragedy within our own families! It could be easy to complain about how our normal day-to-day routine has changed drastically and we have to navigate through a new way of life, but if that is the worst that has happened then you’re blessed! I can tell you that I am thankful that while my 8 year old has had her moments of sadness about not being able to see her friends like normal, I am grateful that she is safe and healthy!

We are all learning together

Our new normal is foreign and can be hella frustrating, but I believe we are all feeling that same frustration.  We are all navigating this crazy, wild ride together! The government, school districts, the CDC and all the people in “high places” are learning as they go. Information is being dispersed little-by-little, and no one has all the answers. No one has done this before and we are learning new routines, new methods of learning, and new ways to stay in contact together.

It all shows that we are relentless and can get through anything together when that survival mode kicks in. I feel as though we are able to extend grace to each other because we know that this is new for us ALL. No one is an expert here, and we can graciously be more patient and loving to one another when mistakes are made or when questions are asked. We are babies in this COVID-19 world just trying to make small steps towards getting through this thing. Leaning on each-other for advice and support is important as we all learn to defeat this beast that this year has brought us.


Stress Less

While wearing masks and being quarantined were not what we were expecting in the year 2020, this is where we are. Yes, life has changed drastically. Some have lost jobs, many have lost loved ones, and have even been sick with the virus. These are definitely reasons to be sad, angry, and stressed out. However, if the greatest worry is this upcoming school year then I challenge you to stress less and take it day by day. Remember the 3 points I previously mentioned and allow yourself the patience and grace to get you through these changes. Remembering to extend love and grace to those you come in contact with.


Everyday isn’t going to run smoothly, we already know how that goes as a Mommi. Adding virtual learning if you chose that or sending your kids to school with so many new safety regulations will undoubtedly shake things up. Be reminded of activities you can do daily to not allow your stress levels to get out of hand. Please be sure to check out our Black 2 School series happening now for support from a community of black Mom’s who share the same concerns as you! Preparation is key and we have planned so many informative resources to help you navigate through this school year with your children. One of our favorite Mommi Chef’s, Shaquanda has gathered a lunch menu with recipes for the entire week! These meals are easy and yummy to make for the kiddos.

One of my favorites is the Mommi Affirmations that one of the Mombassadors, Destiny designated for Mommies and children to say aloud together. Putting those affirmations in the atmosphere is not only important but also creates something so Magical! I pray that your children have a successful school year and that your family stays healthy and safe! Until next time xo.

Mommi Brittany