I’ve been on a journey to finding my purpose.

Sure, it sounds like something so simple and obvious but it isn’t. It’s actually a life changer. I think it would be a shame to be blessed with life on God’s beautiful Earth and never fully understand and live out the purpose that you were born to fulfill. It literally saddens me to dwell on that empty thought. As a young adult learning about life in my early 20’s I enjoyed spontaneity, and often lived by the idea that “everything will fall into place.” NEWS FLASH!!! It doesn’t!

You have to create your own magic!

You have to unlock your gifts and talents, set realistic goals and work towards them. If you aspire to obtain a degree you have to enroll into an institution of higher learning, study, work hard and retain the knowledge to graduate with your degree. If you want to dive into the workforce, you have to search for a job, apply, await the interview process, work and gain experience in your trade to move up the ladder. What I’m saying is that whatever it takes you must dream it, believe it, and work! Your purpose isn’t always apparent, especially if you’re just out here living “recklessly” as I like to call it. Meaning, living an “in the moment type of life.”-Which is the type of attitude I had for a while. If you stay stuck in this mindset you will watch life pass you by. Time is so valuable and shouldn’t be wasted, we all have the same 24 hours in a day and what you choose to do with it is the difference between success and complacency.

Little by Little

I believe you grasp small chunks of your purpose as you grow through life. If we were given everything all at once, I think we would get overwhelmed and potentially ruin it. After I matured a little I started thinking about what I wanted to get out of life and I began to ask myself these questions… what am I here for? What am I suppose to be working towards? I suddenly wanted it all to make sense. I kept wondering and getting disappointed because this was the one thing out of my control. After awhile, I started to pray a specific prayer.

My Prayer

A more focused and intentional prayer because I needed answers! Slowly, I have began to see and walk in my purpose. I’m still figuring it out day by day and gathering those small chunks and piecing the purpose puzzle together. I’m more in-tune with myself and have set both short and long-term goals. Your purpose isn’t going to magically appear and force itself. I believe you have to work for it, and take the journey and lessons through finding your purpose. I’ve noticed that I plan things out a lot more. I am intentional with how I move and things I get involved with, and I think plans through before making decisions.

Becoming Mommi

I owe a lot of these changes of course to age and maturity, but most of all becoming a Mommi. When I became a Mother I knew that there was another human being counting on me everyday. That’ll make you mature quick! With this great love comes more responsibility and growth. When you love your baby more than anything, you make better decisions, sacrifices, and re-evaluate your life to ensure their safety and well-being. She became my passion and it allowed me to want to seek out my individual purpose more too. You see, she is a reflection of me, the best part of me. I see all of her greatness and one day realized she is an extension of me, and the same way I see her I should see in myself. Sometimes we recognize the greatness in others, whether children, friends, family and even public figures/celebrities but ignore the greatness that lies within ourselves. It’s there, we just need to tap into it. I know that I was put on this Earth for a purpose, and so were you. So the fact that we are still breathing there is more of your purpose that you still need to live out and accomplish.

As a Mommi one huge part of our purpose is to be the guiding light for our child(ren), and I think that we recognize that from day one with maternal instincts. Often times we forget the part of our purpose that allows us to start or continue to make our personal dreams become reality. It goes hand-in-hand. I’m learning that whatever I work towards my daughter will benefit from it, and to not feel guilty to invest in myself. She will see that she should do the same and never hesitate to chase her dreams and fulfill her individual calling. She won’t see a set back as failure but as a stepping stone and a lesson learned. She will be unstoppable because she saw that her Mommi didn’t let unfavorable circumstances stop her. The beauty of Motherhood is pushing forward, loving harder, giving willingly, and never thinking twice! There’s many levels to this Motherhood thing, and there’s magic in every layer. Your purpose is magical, so don’t forget to walk with some sparkle and shine!

Mommi Brittany