Named for the red, green and yellow bell peppers that bring vibrant color to the dish, this Rasta pasta is a play on the classic penne alfredo you know and love. In this version I’m using chicken breast as the protein, but the chicken could easily be replaced with shrimp, or a piece of salmon on top, or just enjoy the pasta, alfredo sauce and bell peppers if you’re vegetarian! I’ve done all of the above. As a matter of fact, when I make this Rasta pasta for a crowd, like a birthday party, I usually make it without meat to please all guests and avoid any potential allergies.

As I think about the first time I set out to make chili, I’m realizing I might have a bit of an “anything you can do, I can do” complex. When my husband likes a dish, whether from his childhood or a restaurant we frequent, I feel compelled to give it a shot. Test myself to see if I can recreate it or better yet, best it!

Carrot Cake  I never really ate carrot cake much as a child or adult, probably because I didn’t get it….

There are recipes that call for “plain” steamed rice to allow the protein of the meal to shine. Usually things…