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Healthy Mommi…Healthy Baby After AIDS!

Cake, Cake, CAKE...CAKE! (Rihanna Voice) LOL...Noooooow who said that because I was diagnosed with AIDS that I can’t have my mommi, mogul, wifey cake AND eat it too? Well, unfortunately... Read More

Post Baby Body Blues

What can I say, it’s an age-old complaint. My postpartum baby body is giving me the blues. I’ve always been very petite, maxing out at 125 lbs as my “big”... Read More

Bringing Home TRIPLETS!

I felt like I waited for this day forever and couldn’t wait to get home, but now the day has come and I didn’t want to leave the hospital. I’m... Read More

Fun Facts About Shopping On A Budget And My Top 5 Places To Shop For My Family

Hey guys… it’s Mama Lewis here with some fun facts about shopping on a budget and my top 5 places to shop for my family. I get the question a... Read More

The Diagnosis That Changed My Life.

How could I, with my perfect little career, and “perfect” little family, and perfect little appearance not have it all together? How did I let this happen to ME?... Read More

“He’s an Adult, Now What?” 

What only feels as if a year has gone by and he's the Oldest of 6, Driving his own car, knee deep in SAT's, Senior Prom and deciding on "What... Read More

F*** it I’ll keep my own last name.

  I read this today, and I might receive a lot of backlash for it… But I’m inclined to agree Stating a black woman choosing her independence over all else... Read More

Aspirations of Being a Stay at Home Mom!

With the weather finally breaking, I’m starting to feel flooded with working mom guilt all over. Working 2 jobs has always made me feel like I just don’t spend enough... Read More

This Isn’t Your Mother’s Spring Break: Or Maybe it Is!

Many of you reading this blog may identify yourself as a Millennial parent. And with that title comes quite the burden, as our generation is widely criticized as being... Read More

Behind Social Media the Life of a MOMpreneur

(An actual picture of me being a MOMpreneur. Don’t ask me how I get anything done because I don’t know) I’ve been in business for a little bit of time... Read More

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween for Millennial Moms

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween for Millennials Happy All Hallows’ Eve! What a time for “Trunk or Treating!” (Because, let’s face it, pretty much NOBODY kicks it old school, house to house, trick-or-treat,... Read More

This B!@tch I Know Named “HG”

HG is a bitch and I apologize for the language but she is, there literally aren’t any other words to describe her evil and destructive ways.... Read More

Lash Support

LASH SUPPORT Posted on February 24, 2019 by 1mommymd It’s like life support for your lashes! If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’ve jokingly talked about my struggle with lashes.... Read More

What’s In Your Water?

Ideally we could all answer that by saying nothing but good old H20 but we know from the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan , that is not the case. The... Read More

Travel Blog: Antigua (Part 2)

On to more historic sites and must see spots on the drive.   At Betty’s sugar plantation.   The historic Sugar windmills at Betty’s Hope—-the largest sugar plantation in Antigua. Built... Read More

Travel Blog: Antigua (part 1)

Looking for a dreamy vacation in the Caribbean? I may have found the island for you!   Antigua – ‘The Land of Sea and Sun’.   Located on the Caribbean... Read More