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MommiContributor Agreement

  • Agreeing to become a Mommi Contributor, gives MommiNation Blog (MNB) exclusive permission to reproduce, distribute and edit any content submitted for the site.
  • By agreeing to publish material on MommiNation.com, you are voluntarily waiving all rights to the content and understand that all submitted products are the exclusive property of MommiNation Blog.
  • Mommi Contributors agree to release MommiNation and any MommiNation licensees, and successors from any claims that may arise regarding the use of submitted content and images, including any claims of defamation, libel and slander, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity or copyright.
  • Once material has been published by MommiNation Blog, you must receive written permission from MommiNation for all future reference of the content. While linking published articles and information to a personal or business blog is permitted and strongly encouraged,  copying/pasting the content in its entirety is prohibited.
  • All Mommi Contributors and affiliates of MNB are required to inform MommiNation Blog if contacted for inquires pertaining to any original post on MNB. Further, if a company makes contact because of an original post,  MNB must be notified immediately for further direction on guidelines/talking points.
  • Mommi Contributors must adhere to the strict content guidelines as outlined by MommiNation Blog (see Mommi Contributor Info Kit). This includes keeping content free of harsh profanity, opinion-editorials, and sexually explicit language.
  • MommiNation Blog is permitted, although not obligated, to use any or all content and/or images submitted.
  • Posts may be repurposed, edited or removed at any time at the discretion of MommiNation Blog.
  • MommiNaion is not required to contact the original author when repurposing, editing or removing content from the site.
  • All featured images will be used or discarded at the discretion of MommiNation Blog.
  • Mommi Contributors must abide by copyright laws and FTC guidelines when publishing content. This means no content, photos, or videos may be published without written consent from the original author, photographer, or videographer. When writing a review or sponsored post, the author must clearly disclose that they received compensation (this includes a free product or service) in exchange for writing the post.
  • Mommi Contributors are strongly encouraged to post blog/vlog excerpts from MommiNation Blog to social media outlets in efforts to encourage engagement and outreach.
  • While MommiNation deeply values the work of every Mommi Contributor, in no way does this agreement offer employment or extend the role of brand ambassador.