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Motherhood comes in so many forms. You can become a mom in the most obvious way which is to give birth. Then there’s a host of other ways to become a mom and no one outranks the other. In every form there comes challenges and a story that can be told from each one of those journeys. Today I’m going to take a bit of a different approach and talk about what it looks like from the child’s perspective when it comes to not only adoption, but transracial adoption. We’ve seen it a million times in movies right? White family takes in a black child to help raise them. But what does that look like in reality? I’m so happy to talk with Lydia Berkey today who has so graciously agreed to share a part of her story with us today from the perspective of the adoptee. I found her journey extremely fascinating not only because of the transracial factor to her adoption, but the fact that she ultimately chose a career as an adoption worker and how her life essentially has come full circle.

She is the founder of @adoptee2adoptionworker, sharing insight on her adoption journey on instagram.