If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I just attended the OMNoire wellness retreat at Miraval. I also took my followers behind the scenes of the four day retreat in my Instastories. Miraval is best experienced in person but I tried to capture its essence. Nestled in the Tucson desert with breathtaking views of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Miraval guests can expect to experience spiritual, emotional and physical rejuvenation.

Inspired by nature, the property sits on 400 scenic acres. Winding walkways connect areas of the retreat, each pathway a journey to serenity. There are streams throughout the resort that foster peace as only flowing water can. One can’t help but be inspired and feel enlightened when surrounded by such magnificence.

Miraval, a 5-star resort, holds nothing back when it comes to quality and service. Upon arrival, I was personally greeted by a team member of the resort with a fresh cold glass of prickly pear tea while my bags were whisked away to my room. Their desire is for you to leave your cares at the door and be transported to a time and place of healing. So whatever they can do to facilitate that is done.

What’s a 5 star resort without amazing accommodations? I stayed in a very comfortable king suite and tried my best to bring the bed back with me on the plane but it was too big for my carryon! A former guest of Miraval stated “the bed is a bag of marshmallows with the sheets made out of butter. Never in my life have I been in a bed that made me feel more nurtured, comfortable and yummy.” After speaking with other retreat attendees, everyone expressed similar sentiments. A cozy seating area and desk were available, perfect for resting and creating.

Each room is equipped with meditation instruments, plush bathrobes, slippers, and more. Don’t worry, if you happen to forget your toiletries the rooms are stocked with a luxurious line of self care products. Also, whether staying in a traditional roomthe retreator a private villa with mountain views guests can be sure all needs will be met. In fact, it was nearly midnight when the maintenance staff came to fix the fire pit in the hospitality suite. You can be absolutely carefree during your stay.

In line with their goal for guests to be mindful and in the moment, there is a no cell phone policy throughout most of the resort. In this day and age we are often more connected by our devices and if we aren’t careful can end up replacing personal connections with digital ones. Rooms are equipped with cellphone sleeping bags or beds as a way to disconnect digitally.

After you’ve relaxed in your room and disconnected from your devices, the options are endless. Luxury spa services, culinary classes and countless wellbeing experiences await, click here for a comprehensive list of available activities. During downtime from the OMNoire retreat, I enjoyed a spa visit where I was pampered with the Crystal Salt Serenity treatment Relaxed doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt; I was in a tranquil state and didn’t want to leave! I often saw other retreat attendees leaving their treatments and a glow and look of relaxation just oozed from every pore.

Although I hated to leave the spa, sadness isn’t a feeling that lasts long at Miraval. Upon leaving the spa I was struck by God’s awesome work; the mountain views were captivating. The greenery and foliage that covered the ground literally released the air that awakened every cell in my body. The simple beauty of the space allowed me to get lost in a sense of wonder. The property also boasts 3 pool areas, an equine center and multiple spaces used for yoga and meditation.

Now, I know you’re wondering after all of the exploring, healing and self care, what did I eat? Listen, if I could move to Miraval for the reasons listed above AND to eat, I would! The food is fresh, locally sourced, organic, non-gmo and any other key healthy buzz words you can imagine. As an all inclusive resort, Miraval offers dining for guests throughout the day. The Cactus Flower Restaurant, is their main dining experience. A large buffet is available during breakfast dining hours but guests can also order from the menu. I did a mix of both because I can’t resist pancakes AND needed the avocado toast and huevos rancheros from the menu!

The Coyote Moon and Palm Court Cafe are other spaces guests can dine. The Palm Court was my favorite, an on the go smoothie bar, what more could a girl ask for? Ok a lot but that’s beside point! I nourished myself with wholesome goodness around the clock! My favorite was the berries and things smoothie but the coconut horchata was also a hit. The gluten free pumpkin and banana breads were AMAZING. Wanna guess how many slices I had? Other refreshments were also available to snack on between meals and activities.

The Coyote Moon is a lounge space that offers drinks, dips, veggies and other snacks on which guests can nosh. Miraval guests can also choose to dine and relax on one of many open air verandas during their stay!

In the words of former Miraval guest, the one and only Ms. Oprah Winfrey , “I know this much is true” and that is that a return to Miraval is a must. My miracle at Miraval was pure bliss! Next time, a stay in once of the retreats or villas will be just what the doctor ordered, see what I did there?! Stay tuned as I will be posting soon about the OMNoire wellness retreat and deets to some of my looks from the weekend!

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As always thanks for following and be well!!

Dr. King