I’m a mother of 3, 11-year old twin boys, Dontay and Duaine, and 6-month son Syre.  I’m an Olympic Silver Medalist and the current American Record holder in the 400-meter hurdles. As one of the most decorated hurdlers of all time, I’ve learned to apply the mentality my athletic career has fostered to my family life and career goals. In January 2019, I launched ElleDemus.com, a site dedicated to empowering upcoming athletes, especially young women and girls like me, who are balancing the many responsibilities, such as sports, academics, career, and achieving goals.

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Career or Kids: The Twins I Almost Chose Not To Have.

In 2006 and I was ranked #1 in the world. It was my third year...
March 3, 2021
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Mommi Kim K Gets a Pass

I gained a new level of respect for Kim Kardashian's parenting.  She understands that even...
May 13, 2019

Girls Trip 2.0

She was set on driving in one car together but we couldn't fit both strollers...
April 3, 2019

Babies Come from Sex!

I told his dad that if he was able to logically come up with...
March 11, 2019