Kecia J

Kecia J is a powerhouse that has been breaking down barriers and empowering the masses. After 13 years of managing some of the top acts in the music industry, Kecia’s path of purpose took a detour after being diagnosed with AIDS in 2006. She then formed her company I Am Kecia J Inc, based out of California and began traveling globally telling her truth.

Kecia is the author of her bestselling memoir, “Dying to Be DIVA”, which is a three part series novel that details her life suffering from mental illness and lack of self-esteem all while leading to a diagnosis that would change her life forever.

Since the release of her memoir, Kecia travels facilitating Truth Workshops for leading corporations and throughout the education systems, showing individuals how to break down barriers to get to their purpose, all while tapping into their truth.

As of January 2017, Kecia became one of the new faces of Walgreens new campaign and HIV/AIDS initiative, “Let’s Grow Old Together”. Kecia was also acknowledged for all of her hard work in the HIV/AIDS community by the Mayor and the city of Houston, with proclaiming March 18, as officially Kecia Johnson Day in the city.

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