It is Never Too Late for Your Kids to Learn How to Swim

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Although my boys have gone swimming many times, they had never taken swim lessons before and I found myself feeling afraid anytime we went to the pool and they swam too close to the deep end. Have you ever had that feeling? Well, earlier this year I decided to enroll all three of my boys, Jayden, 11, Chase, 8, and Kaleb, 3, in swim classes at Goldfish Swim School in Fishers.

So, what can you expect at your first lesson? Well, when we started going, it was still cold outside, so I was pleasantly surprised to feel the warm temperatures in the building. The boys and I walked up to the desk and checked in. I received a bag for each one of my boys and a key tab with bar codes for each of them. The person at the desk showed me how to use the tabs at the computer to check them in each week and told us which lanes the boys would be in for their lesson. For the first week, Jayden and Chase were scheduled for lessons at 6:30 p.m. and Kaleb was scheduled for his lesson at 7 p.m. I appreciated that they were able to accommodate the different ages within 30 minutes of each other.

Goldfish swim instructor is teaching Jayden how to swim.

Right at 6:30 p.m., the boys were called into the swimming pool area. I have to point out that the water is a warm 90 degrees. There is a huge waiting area for parents to sit and watch their little ones take their swim lesson through a glass wall separating the two. I watched the boys walk to their assigned lane, which was lane 4. Their instructor offered them goggles to use or you can bring your own. I will tell you the first lesson is all about assessing your child’s skill. My husband is a great swimmer and tried to teach our boys some basic skills. While I could see the boys getting better after he worked with them. I was not sure how much of what he was teaching them was actually seeking in. Well, I will tell you that I watched the boys listen closely to what the instructors asked them to do and I was pleasantly surprised to see them demonstrate some of the skills they had been taught by their Dad.

Just a few minutes before the lesson is over, all the parents are asked to come into the pool area to talk with the swim teacher. At that time, the teacher will tell you how the lesson went that day. Their teacher was really happy with the skills they demonstrated. I was told Jayden would be moving up two classes based upon the skills that he demonstrated. And, Chase would be moving up one class. The boys were so excited and I was excited for them. That day they found out that they did know how to swim a little and they received the assurance that they were well on their way to being great swimmers. After the lesson, all the children head over to the showers just to the left of the pool area. Goldfish Swim School does provide soap and shampoo for your child to wash up if you would like them too. Once the boys washed the chlorine off, they headed outside of the pool area to the changing rooms behind the waiting area.

Goldfish swim instructor is teaching Kaleb not to be afraid of the water.[/caption]

During that time, I took Kaleb to his swim lesson. Before that, he had been sitting patiently at a desk coloring and peeking at his brothers through the glass wall from time to time. He was so excited that it was his turn. I walked him to lane one and sat and watched him in the waiting area. After the boys were dressed and gave me all their wet clothes, yes those bags they give you when you check in for the first time are really nice to put those wet clothes in, the boys

headed to the candy and drink area. It just so happened to be a day they were offering complimentary drinks and quarter candy. So, the boys selected some dum dum suckers (there is a nice assortment of candy and snacks to purchase) and some hot chocolate. Meanwhile, I was truly amazed at how fearless my little Kaleb who is just three years old was in the pool. He was so excited and listened intently on everything his instructor asked him to do. I loved that he was the only student the teacher had at the time. When I was called in to hear how his lesson went, the instructor told me that Kaleb did a great job. At this age, they are really trying to make sure the child is not afraid of the water. Kaleb passed with flying colors, but was not ready to move up just yet. He quickly showered and I changed him back into his clothes in the changing room. The warm temps in the building help make this process a lot easier for parents. Of course, Kaleb had to grab a piece of candy and a drink before we headed out.

As we left, all three of my boys turned to me and told me how great of a time they had. And that they could not wait to come back. I think it is important to point out that my children vary in ages and all walked away feeling like they could not wait to come back. So, if you are like me with multiple children and not sure if they all will want to learn how to swim. I assure you that they probably will and I know they will definitely thank you one day. I feel that learning how to swim is a life lesson that can help them their whole lives. Each month, I will be updating you on their swim journey. Click here to find out if a Goldfish Swim School is near you and if mentioned you saw this blog my local area Goldfish Swim School, the Carmel and Fishers locations, will waive your registration fee!

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Mommi Hyacinth