Having guests over can be fun but it does get stressful too. Houseguest etiquette is a must! It doesn’t matter if your guest planning to visit is your family member or friend. You need to have something in place to clearly outline expectations while they are staying with you. Not everyone knows house etiquette. If they do this will look different for everyone because we all operate differently, we don’t all have the same beliefs and value system. The worst feeling is being in your own home and there is tension between you and your guest because of something you didn’t communicate but expected your guest to do or not do. Again houseguest etiquette is so necessary!

When you invite friends or family into your home you expect them to respect your household rules and values right? But what if they don’t clearly understand what those are? How can they know what is expected of them while staying in your home? 

Allow me to lay down some of the must do’s and don’ts that will help you and also your guests identify what is expected of them while on their visit. But first, let us note you can edit these and discuss ahead of time or upon your guests arrival. 


Houseguest Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts


Follow House Rules

If the host have specific house rules, simply respect and abide by them. If it’s too rigid for you, clearly communicate you will make arrangements to stay elsewhere. But what if there are no rules stated, what do you do? Here is a precautions to follow.

  • Avoid wearing outdoor shoes inside the house.
  • Don’t bring strangers into your host’s home.
  • Don’t bring a weapon into home without disclosing.
  • No smoking indoors.


Clean Up After Yourself

This is so important once you agree to stay at someone’s home. The chance of being invited back to are will be very slim if you behave like a slob on your first visit.

Pick up after yourself and tidy the rooms you use. Clean room: make the bed, open the room doors. Leave the bathroom clean: wipe off the counter, remove hair from the sink, hang your towel to dry and put away your clothes. In the kitchen: wash your dishes immediately after eating and offer to wash the dishes for the family. It is the least you can do after eating a meal you didn’t cook. Some host may refuse your offer but at least you were thoughtful.


Be Respectful & Considerate

Be very observant during your stay. You must stay respectful and considerate of your host and their family. Only eat in places designated for doing so. Don’t think because your host eat in their room that you can eat in your guest room too. Absolutely, make sure you don’t eat the last of the food or snacks.

Don’t hog the bathroom, especially if it’s the only one in the house. Don’t play loud or profane music and don’t talk loudly on your phone. No matter the time of the day. Be quiet when other people in the house have retired to their rooms. Especially in the morning before they have woken up. This is very important when your host has infants or younger children. Just be mindful of others and respect their space.

Spend Time With Host

Now I didn’t say be clingy while you are visiting but get out of that room, put your phone down and strike up a conversation here and there with your host. If children are around make sure to engage in playtime, reading, or help out your host out with the kiddos with consent.


Don’t Be High Maintenance

Demanding this thing and the next thing will surely land you on the never to invite again list. Remember there is a hotel and car rental service for all of that. Be mindful of your host daily plans and family activities.

Don’t Pry

It is never fair to assume but not everyone knows this. So I’m making it clear. Don’t snoop around your host home. Make sure you don’t venture into rooms where you don’t need to go. Don’t look inside closets or drawers that you have no business looking inside. It will be even more awkward if you’re caught digging around and hunting for something. So, save everyone the embarrassment and simply ask for what you need. Don’t invite yourself into conversations that you’re not asked your input on. Simply don’t!


Now, you may have a few or more things you want to add or subtract to the list. Absolutely, go right ahead. Everyone’s household is different so this must be tailored to fit your individual preference, values and household operations. The key here is to have a structure in place that your guests are aware of and agree to while staying with you. Do start these conversations. Remember your guests can’t read your minds so start these conversations early especially if they are to stay for a long period of time.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to hearing your feedback and any suggestions you would add to the list of houseguest etiquette. If you need assistance with getting your list together you can connect with me here.


One Love, Mommi Roxi