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I’m LaNatria Ellis. A proud Jamaican woman raised with southern hospitality and charm. Yes, I like grits and cornmeal porridge. Okay, not really, but I love the fusion of my Jamaican culture with southern culture.
Last year life thrust me into full-time blogging and entrepreneurship. While I am thankful, it has been a beautiful challenge that I look forward to sharing with you all. Since my change of career, I have accumulated a myriad of features including Essence and Instyle Magazine! My millions aren’t pouring in just yet so you can still expect to see bomb bargained looks as well as an introduction to some new amazing brands. Not only am I blogging, but I’m a stylist, makeup artist, and recently I’ve been getting behind the lens as well. Hold on to your wigs, cuz I just might snatch them off! lol Enjoy The Caribbean Cowgirl!
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