(An actual picture of me being a MOMpreneur. Don’t ask me how I get anything done because I don’t know)

I’ve been in business for a little bit of time now and one thing I know for sure is that entrepreneur life isn’t what we post on social media.

I had planned to do a full recap of my 8 oh wait it’s 9 now city tour, when it was over but then I realized that I’m sure to forget some of the real life. So I’m doing a blog series that will shed a little light on my life beyond social media during the tour.

First stop of the 2019 Melanin Moms Who Brunch Tour was my home state of California (you’ve got to read that in a Dr. Dre voice). Being the first stop on the tour I was nervous, excited, underwhelmed by the support and overwhelmed by all of the things that I didn’t get taken care of before the weekend of the event.


Moms Who Brunch April 2016

Before I get too far into the ups, downs and roller coaster ride of being a MOMpreneur and hosting a 9 city tour let me backup and tell you why I created this tour and what it’s all about. 3 years ago I created Melanin Moms Who Brunch because I saw a need for mother’s to have a time to focus on themselves, not their business, their kids or family but just the woman who made it all happen. After 2 successful brunches in Los Angeles, I took a break for a year to settle my family in Georgia and to have another baby. Last year I felt the urge to bring the brunch back because I watched as too many mothers were struggling to create the life they really wanted and take care of the woman within themselves. The focus of Melanin Moms Who Brunch 2019 Tour was born ‘Living My Best Life FRFR’


Melanin Moms Who Brunch Tour: The First Brunch Stop

I arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, because I had a workshop scheduled for Thursday evening. I decided to bring Baby J Pink on this trip since I was going home and assumed my mom, Dad, Grandma and son would love to see her. And I didn’t want to have to pump for 4 days (I LOVE Nursing and am meh about pumping).

Well, I spent the whole weekend with her attached to my hip because she wouldn’t go to ANYONE. She would literally scream bloody murder if anyone tried to pick her up, but yet they kept trying (SMH). I forgot what happens when you and your husband stay home with your baby and she doesn’t interact with anyone outside the home #mybad

Aside from having a baby glued to my body all of my worries were for nothing. No I didn’t have the sold out room I wanted but I did have an intimate group of Melanin Moms who shared, were open and GREW within themselves. That’s the point of this whole tour and event so it’s a WIN in my book.


Click below for the video one mom made after attending the brunch.



My Personal Ah-Ha Moment

I didn’t have a flight back to Georgia before I left because we’ll money was funny And when I attempted to book one while there the prices were 500+ I guess because of the Grammys (who knew or cared). Here’s the big Ah-Ha moment for me….


It Didn’t Matter!!!! When I had to stay in Cali an extra day I didn’t have to be worried about losing my job, upsetting my clients or anything. My husband had the other kids and guess what I’m the boss and can get ish done from ANYWHERE! The entire tour is about Moms living THEIR lives on THEIR own terms and this was the moment I finally realized I’m doing just that. I’m actually living the life I dreamed about that I never thought possible

(now if I could just have that schmoney like my dreams we’d be good good ).


The tour is still going matter of fact we recently added Detroit for May 18th so if your ready to Live Your Best Life FRFR then Come Brunch With Us!


Melanin Moms Who Brunch Tour


I’ll update you next time on the Melanin Moms Who Brunch Tour.




Ms. Jennifer Pink

“The journey is never ending. There’s always going to be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.” ~Antonio Brown