• Wife to Joshua Jordan
  • Mother to Jae Jordan (and some other amazing children down the line)
  • Business Owner (The Cub Collective)
  • Ordained and Licensed Minister (yes, there is Power Vested in Me)
  • Youth Leader
  • Political Scientist (by way of education)
  • Social Activist (by nature and debate history!)
  • Seminarian
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer
  • Philanthropist (my biggest and favorite hat after wife and mother!)

This list is not in any particular order and I handle every role with care. Being a mom is one of the most amazing and incomparable feelings. When you’re a mom that is an entrepreneur and has a heart to heal the world, things can get busy to say the least but I love it!

I’m the brutally honest friend that always has some words of wisdom to share. I keep it real sometimes to a fault but if you love to laugh and have some real conversations then we’re gonna get along just fine.

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