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What does being a member of MommiNation really mean?!

This means you have joined a group of like minded Mommies who are dedicated to pouring unconditional love and support into themselves so that their cups can overflow unto their family and loved ones. This is a sisterhood and virtual community filled with black Mommies all over the world committed to supporting one another.

By joining the community you have the opportunity to share your story or expertise through blogging, joining our challenges, IG live and zoom sessions.

By becoming an official Mombassador, you will receive:

  • The official Mombassador tee
  • 25% off of MommiNation Merch and Challenges
  • An invitation to the monthly Mommi Meet ups
  • Discount codes from brands we know and love
  • Monthly “What Every Black Mommi Should Know” Newsletter
  • The opportunity to be featured as our monthly Mommi Spotlight
  • The opportunity for your business to be featured on our Boss Mommi Page

AND BEST OF ALL… A community of mommies that look just like you, experiencing life just as you are that will rally behind you to be your support system, your new networking circle, or your new best Mommi friend!


Monthly Mommi Meet ups are held on the final Sunday of every month.

Your discount codes will be included in the monthly newsletters. To be featured as our Mommi Spotlight or included on our Boss Mommi page see more details on **

Become an Official Mombassador

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