As with many materials used to build a house, the exterior paint doesn’t last forever. Even the best house paint will, in time, fade, peel, and lose its protective benefits. If you live in your home long enough, eventually, you will repaint it. The time of year you choose to repaint your home is critical to the process.

In most home repainting situations, spring is by far the best time to complete the job. If you’d like to know why spring is the best time of year to repaint your house, read on. We’ve got the answers to that question for you below.

Home Repainting Prices Are Lower in the Spring

After a long, slow winter and before the summer rush, most home painting companies are keen to get new work. Many of them will lower their prices and give special discounts in springtime. Saving big bucks is a great reason to have your home repainted in spring.

The Weather Typically Calms Down in Spring

When repainting your home, you need temperate, stable weather. After the turbulence of most winters, spring provides that stability. The temperatures will stay more consistent, and it is less likely that the painters will be in freezing temperatures. Cold weather can have negative effects on paint jobs. Also, in many areas of the US, spring is a dryer time of year.

Houses Sell Faster in Spring

Real estate agents agree. Spring is the best time of year for selling a home. More than that, they know your home needs high curb appeal to get the best selling price. Repainting an old, worn, faded paint job can instantly increase your home’s curb appeal by leaps and bounds! Do it in early spring, and you’ll be ready to sell fast and get a top price for your home.

Better Painting Companies Are More Available in Spring

If you want a home painting company that’s reputable and reliable, spring is your best option. Once summer arrives, your choices will decrease considerably, especially among the highly-rated painting companies. That’s one of the main reasons why spring is the best time of year to repaint your house.

In Conclusion

As you’ve seen today, spring is the best time of year to have your home repainted for several crucial reasons. You’ll save money, get better results, and significantly increase your home’s curb appeal. We hope this information has been beneficial and empowers you to make the best choice when having your home repainted.