Everyone begins their fitness journey with a motivator and a goal. What is your fitness motivation? What pushes you to focus on fitness? What is your fitness goal? I’ve learned that before you can succeed at anything, you have to start with why. What is your why? Is it overall life/health? Does working out and eating healthy make you feel better? Do you want to lose weight for an upcoming event like a wedding or vacation? Do you want to look fit? Or is there another motivator?

Cool mom is not an oxymoron. That’s right, but you will not have 100% of both worlds. You have to be comfortable not knowing everything. This is obviously still a constant struggle for me, especially with my son getting older and encountering new temptations daily. Here are some things I’ve learned to be both cool and a mom along the way.

The beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade is the perfect time to set annual goals. You should set goals for every area in your life; career, health, family, financial, etc. But how do you make vision boards to set 2020 goals that you will stick with? When I set goals, I follow these 6 tips.

As a little girl, I never wanted to be married or have kids. I definitely didn’t ever want to be…

I am scared that my son will go on his morning run and not come back. I’m scared to let my teenager do normal teenage boy things like go to the mall, the skating rink, or to the neighborhood park to play basketball with his friends. I am scared that my husband will go to Publix to pick up some things I forgot from the grocery store and never come back. I’m scared that the people who are paid and accepted the responsibility to protect and serve are the very people that they will need protection from. I am scared that the people I wave to on my run through the neighborhood will see them as a threat.
This is a disgrace! All I can do is stay in constant prayer of protection, grace, and mercy. More than likely, if you do not have the same thoughts, you have privilege that moms who look like me will never experience. I am urging you to use that privilege to protect my son.

We have officially entered the week of Mother’s Day (even though we believe that every day is Mommi’s Day). If you’re anything like us, with all craziness and uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus, you’re scrambling right now to find the perfect gift for your mommi and dropping hints to your man about how amazing a new DIY nail kit would be. Whether you’re trying to find the best gift for your Mommi or your Baby Mommi, we have you covered with a financially conscious Mother’s Day gift guide for everyone!

Although the twist-out is easy to achieve, it does take proper product, technique, and practice. There are several tips to help you achieve the perfect twist out and as a natural mommi for 7 years, using almost all products on the shelves I have you covered!

And to think, we thought the Mommi Madness couldn’t get any worst. Now, some of our daily routines are complete…

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone knows Christmas is the time of giving. The “giving spirit” can sometimes…

The opportunity to see a room full of passionate, hard-working, and business savvy black women cannot be described in words. As you know, we believe that it takes a Nation to support a mom, and this event was the true depiction of support. There were several quotes that were so powerful and intentionally placed all over the event space. There were two quotes that stuck with me. “Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns” and “Behind Every Great Woman, Are Great Women”. LOVE. THESE. QUOTES!!! Find ways to get behind other women, build them up, support their cause, fix each other’s crowns, collaborate, connect, and succeed!!

How committed are you to the goals you set in January? 2020 is in 6 months, what have you accomplished? I’m here to encourage you to finish the year strong.

Protective styles are great for the summer, especially for black and brown Mommies and daughters swimming, vacationing, and summer camping....

But, if your family is anything like mine, there was no bond at first sight and the “blending” part of a blended family was more like oil and water. At one point it was just us against the world and now one of “them” in the world is infiltrating “Us”. Can you imagine being stuck in between two of the most important people in your life? I contemplated many times if I would go through with marrying the most loving man I had ever known to preserve my son’s happiness and joy. I was willing to forfeit my own happiness for the happiness of my child.

The truth is, budget is not a bad word and no matter how wealthy you are, everyone needs a budget. Especially us moms that want to create successful money habits we plan to pass on to our children.

Single Mom, I know how it feels to desperately want your child’s father active in their lives. But believe me…

I did not need validation from anyone else. I knew I was doing an amazing job, with or without a man in the house. My son was respectful, loving, caring, hardworking, and smart!

As much as we dread April 15th that day comes around every year like clockwork. The moment of truth is less than one week away. Have you procrastinated this year filing your taxes? If so, you are not alone and we are here to give you a guide with 5 quick tips to completing your taxes last minute.

Although I did not grow up in poverty, I also wasn’t born into wealth. My husband jokes all the time about how I grew up “rich”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am truly blessed for the experiences that I had as a child but, I also wish money management was explicitly discussed.

We are talking about building wealth, therefore having only one source of income will not cut it. Take all of your eggs out of that one basket and start spreading the wealth.

Hey Mommies, I want to take a moment to discuss a very serious topic. A topic that the success of…