And just like that…we’re walking out of Spring and into Summer! We’re trading in long sleeves for sunnies and tees but more importantly…school’s out for Summer folks!!! Yay and YIKES need apply! Summer is the best time to have fun, rekindle, reorganize and get on track as a family. For many, this can also be a hectic time but if done right and planned properly, you can certainly make the most of the weeks to come. My family and I follow a few guidelines to make sure Summer is experienced to the fullest and enjoyable for the whole family. Yes, I plan because I’d go crazy if I didn’t ha, ha!

Getting Started:

1. Establish a bedtime and rise n’ shine!
THIS IS SUCH A BIG ONE! I have a roster of things I do including but not limited to working out, editorials, prayer and even simply having a cup of coffee in peace…I’ve found that keeping these commitments to myself help me to get prepared for the day calmly and not feeling rushed into the day’s anxiety.

It’s summer time and many kids may be still on the early bird schedule; which could infringe on this “you” time you previously set up. Decide a wake time as well as bedtime and share this with your kids. Make sure clocks are in their rooms so that they can visually see when they can escape, lol. If they happen to wake up earlier than set time, they can quietly play and read in their rooms! This one is a winner and will get you started right daily!

Staying on track:

2. SHE READY! (packed and prepared)
During the summer it’s a good idea to be as planned as possible as plans could change due to traffic, crowds and/or weather. Even if your plans stay the same, you’ll find so many small things will come in handy while having fun in the sun. I always keep a backpack in the trunk that’s carries sunscreen, first aid, water, 4-6 snacks, swimsuits and towels, epi pens and hats. I also have a crate with a couple balls, tennis shoes, bubbles and chalk. Stay Ready!

3. Monthly calendars need apply!
Sit with your family and make a list of things you all desire to do. Once you talk about them, fill your calendar with all of the activities. When you put it on a calendar, you’re able to see how the fun fits in with other things you need to complete while Summer is in session!

Adding the Fun:

4. Passes that keep giving!
Entertainment can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be when you choose activities and places that have a reoccurring experience. We have a Six Flags membership that gives us a guaranteed amusement park experience at least once a week! We also enjoy the library, weekly art classes and summer dance programs on a weekly basis. You’ll be surprised how awesomely full your week is with just a few activities! Bang for your buck is always the move when planning for Summer!

5. Mixing business with pleasure!
Even though school’s out, business is always in. A parent’s list is never done and “adulting” never sleeps…If you’re out there and taking naps, please contact me and let me know the secret, lol, seriously…send help stat! When I have business that needs to be handled and I have the kids in tow, I look up things to do in the area that we’ll be in and add them to the roster so the kids have something to look forward to while we’re out. Talk about good behavior! Ex: My husband had a meeting near a popular mountain where we live. He packed extra clothing for him and the kids and they climbed the mountain directly after. You can easily google what’s nearby if you’re unfamiliar with the area and make a day an total adventure!

6. Park hop and the party won’t stop!
Trying something new applies to all aspects of life. Many times we go places we are familiar with and have enjoyed many times before! While this is guaranteed fun, its also exciting to try new places. We try to park hop as much as we can. Many parks have activities during the Summer that can create a whole experience for you and our family. Check your local county site’s “parks and rec” tab!

Different parks have different amenities provides unique experiences. Trying something out for the first time can be a bonding experience as well as an undiscovered adventure! Who knows, you may stumble upon your next party venue;)

7. Eat Bright, Stay light!
Summer is the best time to try new foods! Eating bright almost guarantees that you’re eating right! With many fruits and veggies in abundance showcasing all their glory, there’s so many options for meal time! Farmer’s markets and even your local grocer have bountiful variety around this time. For me, this is the best time to reintroduce healthier foods to the minis…their more open to trying them as they see it as part of summer adventure.

8. Summer goals!
Before Summer cranks into high gear, be sure to write down family goals of togetherness, systems for organization and desires for family involvement for the upcoming weeks. Ex: “I want to reestablish mommy-daughter time” or ” I want to work at consistency in date night…” You’ll be surprised with your achievements and be so thankful you did! I hope everyone has an amazing Summer! Be sure to follow on all social media platforms @guruwhoknew and visit today and read on park preparedness! Until next time Mommination family!

-Mommi Alexas