Hurricane season is upon us and Hurricane Dorian has been nothing nice! When natural disasters and bad weather happens, supplies are one of the first things that become an urgent need. Often, we don’t put away items that will aid us in times where we may find ourselves with no electricity and other comforts we enjoy. The month of September has become nationally recognized as preparedness month. It’s a time where you and your family take an inventory of all that’s running low and items that will be needed in an emergency. It’s a perfect time to also stock up ahead of winter months. Everyone can help; down to the smallest family member. Don’t know where to start?! Here are the top items needed to get you started and ahead of the game!

Batteries, Chargers and Lighters

Many items including flashlights, radios, portable heaters, etc, require batteries to operate. Stocking up on batteries of different sizes helps to be prepared for anything. Keep them in a separate container to preserve their charge. Lighters will be extremely useful for candles or even cooking. If you have a gas stove and the electricity is out, you can light stove eye with your lighter and cook as normal (note: be sure to cut off the stove when done to ensure there’s no gas leakage into your home). Having extra regular and portable chargers for phone and other electronic devices also come in handy during AND after bad weather because items that are plugged into outlets at time of an outage can sometimes short or blow a fuse; leaving you without that charger or chargers generating lower power.

Water and Non-Perishables

The effects of storms can leave to quality of water coming into your home questionable and winter storms can freeze your pipes leaving you with limited water supply. Keeping 2-3 packs of water on hand is great to store in a garage or storage closet within the home. Grabbing canned goods and non-perishable foods are great to carry you through those unexpected, additional days of bad weather. Whole clubs, like Costco (my fave) or Sam’s are great places to grab canned goods and portable foods to store away.

First Aid Kit

This is one thing that should be well-stocked. Items like bandaids, wipes, epi-pens, pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, etc. always come in handy for your family and others. Many times, trying to get things up and running while there’s power outages or hazardous conditions can leave many scrapes, bruises and other ailments that need treatment. Having first aid readily available helps tend to issues in a timely manner when things are less than normal. Be sure to keep your first aid kit in a place known by the whole family to ensure its availability to everyone!

While these items are a great start to prepping for the unexpected, you can’t forget PLANNING to ensure these items are to your family’s benefit. Deciding roles, meeting places, evacuation plans and procedures will increase the ability for your family safely navigate harsh weather, hurricane season and more! I hope you will start a plan to gather your supplies and stay on ready! Be sure to follow on all social media platforms @guruwhoknew for additional tips on getting prepared and more! Until next time MommiNation family!

Mommi Alexas

For more information on how you can be sure that you and your family is prepared and not scared (the theme of this year’s preparedness month) please check out these awesome resources below.