Many of us are in the same place…constantly trying to find new ways to keep the spice in our relationships and revive what once was alive…THE ADVENTURE! Being married almost 14 years, I have so many stories that always lend me to the sentiment of “what were we thinking?!”

You’d be amazed by how many laws you can break when getting hot and heavy! While we’ve done way too much, nothing stands out to me more than the time I ended up in the back of a police car trying to explain how squeaky clean I was in a mini skirt and crotchless panties. What we thought would be a fun and flirty idea that turned into pure scandal!!


That evening, I got dressed in two pieces of floss (ha, ha!! I’m kidding… but the ensemble wasn’t far off), truly, it was a super short mini, four-inch heels and a top so tight it should’ve been painted on. I planned on pretending to be a lady of the evening and being picked up by a stranger (my husband) for an exciting evening. We got the bright idea that it would be more realistic if the scene played out right in front of our subdivision, so we left. My husband dropped me off slightly further up the street, so I could do my “hoe stroll” (I’m mortified all over again writing this) as he slowly pulled up. It was later in the evening and it seemed as if no cars were riding through the street, so it seemed like a winner…little did I know, I would be winning silver bracelets.

My husband pulled up beside me and began to act out our version of “the pickup”. I leaned in and gave an Oscar-worthy performance before opening the door to get in the car. No sooner I opened the door and proceeded to get in to take this show to the house, red and blue lights illuminate the car!!!!


We were in utter shock! He got out of his car and pulled me from the vehicle, immediately handcuffing me. He then proceeded to remove my husband from the vehicle and began the barrage of questioning. I immediately started to cry because I realized I could do very little to prove who I was being that I didn’t put any identification in the pocket of the raunchy two-inch skirt I was wearing. After about an hour, him checking my husband’s background, etc., we finally convinced him to let us show my identification and our marriage license. He drove up to our condo reluctantly and escorted us into our place to reveal our relationship. I had never been so happy to see our marriage certificate in my life! He scolded us and let us go with a warning to stay off the streets. I was scared straight. The officer ended the night amused and pulled away telling of the excitement on his transceiver. Today, we laugh about this all the time and joke about it being my shortest lived career while wondering how it would’ve played out had the officer not rained on our parade.

While we still keep the excitement going, I learned a valuable lesson from that experience:

Keep the extreme portions for the room and/or home!

Create a story that leads to behind closed doors for the “best parts”. You’re the director! It can be whatever you want! May creativity be with you!

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Mommi Alexas