Meet Roxanne

Mommi of 2

MommiNation, Mommbassador


Did you always want to be a Mommi?

I remember in high school my friends and I had little talks about adult life and they expressed the desire to get married and have children. All except me. I didn’t want anything to do with either. My mindset was fixed on going to college and having a corporate job. My goals actually started to include kids after I met my first husband about 4 years into our relationship I agreed to his need of us having a child together.

What do you love most about being a Mommi?

First of all, it’s a blessing and privilege to be a mother and I don’t take it for granted. I love seeing the development in my children. Watching them grow, learn and become independent is a beautiful experience. It always amazes me how their little minds develop so quickly. They just grow too fast right?!

Being from Jamaica what are some of the customs that you continue with your children and what are some that you’ve adopted from the US?

I continue our Jamaican Christmas Holiday Tradition of intimate family celebration with lots of food, music and our traditional Jamaican Rum Cake which my husband makes the best. However, I’ve adopted the American custom of Halloween Trick or Treating with the push from my husband.

What is the biggest difference in the Mommi hood culture in Jamaica vs America?

The biggest difference is definitely the parenting style in the Mommi hood culture in America. There’s an importance to build that Mommi/daughter/friend relationship and the children are given the opportunity to be expressive in America. Whereas in Jamaica the Mommi hood culture is big on discipline and children have to do what they are told without explanation and much reasoning. Our Jamaican Mommies are pretty darn strict! Well at least in my childhood years.

You’ve started a new business tell us more about it?

Yes, absolutely! I’m super duper excited about my business and how it’s changing so many lives. So I’ve actually purchased my Financial Literacy Business Franchise and we prioritize educating clients on all matters of personal finance including budgeting, debt payoff, wills/trust/POA, credit score protection & credit restoration and more. These are the real life issues that are not discussed in families, schools, jobs, nor the economy. It is that elephant in the room no one wants to talk about -credit report and credit scores. And I’m changing that and bringing awareness to all this and more on my Facebook & Instagram platform. Go Like and Follow my pages and let me know you found me through Mommination!

How can persons interested in your Credit Restoration and other Financial Services contact you?

Awesome! Thanks for asking! Persons can contact me (Roxanne Cowans) via mobile or on social media:

  • Clicking the link in my bio on Instagram & Facebook @Consultwithr.ox.i to schedule a Free Credit Consultation
  • Calling or Texting “Credit” to 954-531-4044

What are some of your challenges as a work from home Mommi?

I would quickly say managing work, children and being a wife is challenging. It was a big struggle in the beginning for me. I have improved but there is always room for improvement. I found myself neglecting one or more area not intentionally but through passion of finding my purpose got obsessed with my new life and had to learn how to make the transition successful for my girls and husband that had access to me all the time. Hubby wasn’t too happy with this transition in the beginning but man has he come around. I think I got got an idea for a blog lol! I do put a lot of pressure on myself and sometimes it leaves me burnt out. But let me add that we need to remember we as moms raising our babies and/or businesses matter in the mix of everything and we must prioritize self-care. Self-care is a MUST!

What are you most proud of as a Mommi?

My proud moments are seeing my children displaying love, affection, care and kindness not only towards me but also towards each other as siblings and towards their friends. The world sure needs more love and compassion and it starts with us teaching our children these values in our homes.

What is your untold story?

I must add that being a Mombassador and blogging with MommiNation has allowed me to share many of my untold stories. Opening up and sharing my experiences has been a healing process for me. Yes I still struggle with a few things but I believe those healing will come. My Untold Story is that I viewed myself as an insignificant stay at home mom. I struggled with this greatly after relocating to Texas and thanks to my support nation they kept me together. I found new meaning to how I saw myself after joining Mommination and venturing into entrepreneurship. I’m walking and living on purpose, sharing my journey, inspiring others and helping individuals improve their lives. I love you and thank you Sanya Richards Ross for seeing something in me that I couldn’t see. Big love to the nation – Mommination!

Nuff Love,

Mommi Roxi