We are all so busy with work, school and the issues of life that sometimes we become distant and it gets increasingly hard to stay focused to ensure home life is a well-oiled machine and everyone’s getting what they need. In the German house, juggling these the many tasks can get tricky with all there is to do…Still, staying on track and connected is so vital for our family’s success. We all strive for many of the same things and finding ways to accomplish these goals has been my mission. I’m providing a head start to simplifying and organizing life so we can have it all!

Staying on Track:

Chore tracking

Whether you utilize clip cups (refer to www.guruwhoknew.com) or a fridge chart, it is extremely helpful to see what needs to be done and how each family member contributes. I always created them for the kids but realized that it was necessary for us adults, as well. If followed, it keeps everyone engaged to allow for no one person to be burnt out; even you, mom! Can you even imagine that???! Many times distributing responsibilities can also create a pocket of time for staying connected.

Syncing up to stay linked up!

I have found that planners and schedules for everyone who can write are soooo necessary!! As soon as children reach school age and extracurricular activities flood the schedule, grab a planner! When days get hectic, it’s incredibly easy to overlook due dates for turning in forms or forgetting to show up 30 minutes before a game to take team pictures. Even the most organized mom can miss it without constant reminders. Once you have your individual planners completed for the week/month, copy the information onto a large, visible calendar that’s keep in a common area to ensure all times and events correspond. Going a step further to add dates to online scheduling and interactive items like your apple watches is additionally helpful.

Redistributing to Optimize

Sometimes an efficiency meeting with you and your husband can solve scheduling conflicts and reinstate ease in a jam-packed schedule. Coming together to redistribute chauffeuring the kids, revising routes and changing responsibilities to accommodate the week. Being that both my husband and I work and travel a great deal, mapping out a week at a time makes all the difference in a successful week, keeping the one nerve we have intact, ha, ha!! All of this helps to achieve one of the most important goals of family life…staying connected.


Staying Connected:

Having our schedules in order creates a way to discover new pockets of time to make the most of togetherness. Creating new family moments and also making the most of existing daily activities will create memories that will last a lifetime. Our kids need quality time more than anything else. Carving out that time whether five or thirty minutes can make a major difference in the wellness of each family member. I am always creating an event from simple tasks to reconnect and communicate with those I love!

“Shea and Say”

One of my New Year resolutions was to not be ashy, lol…but truly. Don’t judge me. I realized early on that I would overlook my needs to make sure the kids are going through their nightly regimens. I started thinking…Why not do these things together instead of struggling to do them once their in bed and I’m utterly exhausted?? The light bulb came on…We are now a well-oiled machine (pun intended, lol). The kids and I call it “Shea and Say!” After bath time, we sit together and moisturize while we discuss the issues, concerns and funny happenings from the day. The kids are more open to talk because they view it as a formal event and it allows me an opportunity to talk about things without the feeling of added pressure. To top it off, when we’re done, our skin is glowing and so are their smiling faces! In a family, community and the feeling of togetherness is so vital and it’s important that ant that we each feel that. Try doing this (if you’re dry like us, ha!) or something else that creates involvement/joint effort and watch your relationships flourish and the communication strengthen.

My husband and I choose my son’s soccer practice to squeeze in extra time. An hour of walking and talking has really afforded us a quite moment together that we wouldn’t have gotten if we both didn’t commit to meeting at the soccer field regardless of who was chauffeuring the prince. This has been a small way to reconnect while participating in normal weekly routines.

Family dates

This is so important! Not just for Mom and Dad but for the kiddos as well. Try to plan dates for you and your mate as well as one on one dates for EACH of your children. Everyone needs that individual time with one another to consistently strengthen the already established bond. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate but it needs to be always… Often times, when there’s not time set aside for your family members, feelings of being forgotten create distance. That distance lessens the communication and makes it harder to be aware; which none of us desire for our families. Froyo on a Friday or a movie night in adds so much wholeness to your home, your mate and children. At first, it seems like a huge commitment but suddenly it becomes that norm; finding it easier to carve out time. Once the circus began (our two children) we started out committing to one date a month for us and one date (one on one with each parent) every other month for them. Now, we’re such pros at this, that we have a couple dates a month and have monthly dates with our kids. I don’t mean to toot my horn but toot, toot!! Listen, when your husband is killing it corporately and you’re holding your own all the while running a business, writing and a thousand other things amongst staying sane, you learn to appreciate all strides towards family greatness.

Give these a try, love on your families and nurture the growth between one another. By planting these seeds now, you can have the best opportunity at unity and transparency later in life. Don’t wait, start now!

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Mommi Alexas