My name is Brittanie Seymone, Simone like Raven. I am a mommi to a beautiful baby girl, Zo, living our best life in sunny Southern California. I’m a multi passionate entrepreneur, working towards securing my family legacy and creating generational wealth. My blog is centered around Modern Motherhood; highlighting my life as a black millennial single mom, getting my shit together. With a new baby, new business ventures, and a whole lotta new things going on, I wanted to create an outlet for me to share my journey through modern motherhood, black entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. Being a single mom is tough, running a business is tough, it definitely takes a nation, and MommiNation is my outlet to explore it all! So, if you think I can inspire you, teach you, guide you or just make you laugh, stick around. Together we’ll explore my life as a black millennial mommi living her best, and sometimes worst, life. 

Welcome to Modern Motherhood, enjoy! 

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My 2019 Kid Friendly Summer Bucket List

As a single mommi, I am always looking for ways to entertain my one-year-old daughter....
July 21, 2019

7 Lessons I’ve Learned in the First Year of Motherhood

I’ve made it through my first year of motherhood! Sh*t that was fast! The first...
May 9, 2019

Create A Legacy Now

“How?” can we continue his outstanding work, and how can I create a legacy now?...
April 30, 2019

3 Passive Ways to Save

April 24, 2019


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