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She’s Ready: Getting the Family Ready During Preparedness Month!

Hurricane season is upon us and Hurricane Dorian has been nothing nice! When natural disasters and bad weather happens, supplies are one of the first things that become an urgent... Read More

We Need Her!!

Being raised to be a strong and independent woman, I never understood how important relationships other women were. When conflict would arise with those that I associated with, it was... Read More

They’ll Survive!

Hopefully… ha, ha! (but really, they’ll survive) Relinquishing responsibilities pertaining to the children when deciding to take a much-needed breather can be tough. It can feel as though you leaving... Read More

Summer: Survival, Sanity and Sun!

And just like that…we’re walking out of Spring and into Summer! We’re trading in long sleeves for sunnies and tees but more importantly…school’s out for Summer folks!!! Yay and YIKES... Read More

Role Play Landed Me in Real Handcuffs!

Many of us are in the same place…constantly trying to find new ways to keep the spice in our relationships and revive what once was alive…THE ADVENTURE! Being married almost... Read More

“Gimme a minute” -My birth story and how I wasn’t ready to hold my babies

Was one of the best days of my life; I just didn’t know it yet. I held the very essence of my new life wrapped in a 6 ½lb bundle.... Read More

3rd wheel, the struggle is real: Trying to find sexy time after kids.

The third wheels that bear our last name are always playing interference and they are at the top of their game! While we love our minis, alone time is so... Read More

Family Goals: The art of Staying on Track and Connected

We are all so busy with work, school and the issues of life that sometimes we become distant and it gets increasingly hard to stay focused to ensure home life... Read More